• Spike Day Crafts, Customs, and Plushies!

    Spike may not get as much in the way of crafts, customs and plushies but he isn't without love in that department! We've got a small selection of Spike crafts after the break for you all.

    [1] Source

    Spiked Martini by EarthenPony

    [2] Source

    Applejack x Spike Massage by EarthenPony

    [3] Source

    Twilight and Spike, finished by EarthenPony

    [4] Source

    Spike Sculpture by Pia-sama

    [5] Source

    Spike by Strepetarh

    [6] Source

    Spike - Clay by RavenEvert

    [7] Source

    MLP:FiM Spike Sculpture by ElliotShoe

    [8] Source

    Spike the Dragon Clock by the2ndO

    [9] Source

    Spike Polymer Clay Charm by ResurrectedVampire69

    [10] Source

    Twilight and Spike - PDFFs by MaquettePonet

    [11] Source

    Spike from MLP made with clay (with a gem) by RocaFunk

    [12] Source

    Spike Magnet by DeadliestVenom

    [13] Source

    Spike! by Caleighs-World

    [14] Source

    Trade: Crystal Twilight and Spike Custom by Nazegoreng

    [15] Source

    Spike the Dragon Plush Doll by Lemonpez

    [16] Source

    Spike Beanies by Fafatacle

    [17] Source

    Spike plushie, 13 inch high by Rens-twin

    [18] Source

    Spike by SBuzzard

    [19] Source

    Spikey-Wikey #2 by MilesofCrochet

    [20] Source

    Custom Spike MLP dog by AD by AD-Laimi

    [21] Source

    Spike Cube Plushie - MLP FiM by Ansei

    [22] Source

    MegaBlok Spike by dvandom

    [23] Source

    Amigurumi Tuxedo Spike by Meowkernaut

    [24] Source

    Spike from My Little Pony FiM by Akemi3167

    [25] Source

    Spikeball by Bladespark

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