• Something a Little Golden Appears in Latest My Little Pony Book Series!

    Looks like we're getting more than just an homage from IDW Publishing to the classic Children's Book Series!

    New book listings on Amazon.com have revealed that Random House Publishing will be making not one, but two books in their Little Golden Books line!

    The first listing is for a My Little Pony Little Golden Book. The second listing is for a My Little Pony: The Movie Big Golden Book!

    Aside from both books releasing on August 29th, 2017, no other information about the books exists. However the fact that a Little Golden Book exists at all for My Little Pony: The Movie is a really good indication for how hard the future licensing push is going to be for this film.

    Plus, if the Golden Books from when The Force Awakens was released are any indication, the My Little Pony: The Movie Big Golden Book is probably going to contain a very condensed and simplified plot of the film.

    So, if you happen to have any kids who are toddlers, or know of kids who are in the age bracket these appeal to, consider possibly picking them up. I certainly remember my mother reading me these books to sleep when I was very little. Perhaps it could give them memories like that too.