• Game: Day Dreaming Derpy Demo - Amazing Game in Development!

    This hit us completely by surprise today when it popped into our inbox. We've seen a number of games over the years but this one is looking to be one of the most polished! Filled with quirky humor, beautiful sprites and an original story, this pony JRPG inspired by the Paper Mario series takes you on an adventure with Derpy and a number of wonderful friends.

    Check on after the break for a preview!

    Day Dreaming Derpy is a Paper Mario-inspired JRPG with an emphasis on the exploration of the Dream World and the interaction between Derpy and the residents of the Real World. While asleep, Derpy can use her abilities gained from her many part-time jobs to combat the nightmares that plague the dreams she explores along with the help of many unique, quirky characters. While awake, Derpy can prepare for her night-time ventures by working all around town to buy items and unlock new abilities she can use in the Dream World. 


    • Over 10 unique allies! 
    • Hi-Bit Pixel Art! 
    • Paper-Mario-inspired RPG Gameplay Elements! 
    • Mother-Daughter Bonding! 
    • Strange Sense of Humor! 
    • PONIES!!

    The game requires some certain things installed to run, but it comes with a decently put together ReadMe file so check it out! It might only be version 0.1 but the game looks super promising.

    I had to turn off my Avast anti-virus to get it to unpack correctly so if you're having some problems unpacking it make sure it isn't an anti-virus problem.

    Ready to go on an adventure?