• LAST Spotlight Music Post: Raise This Barn (Sayonara Remix) / Stuck in the Sky / Acid Trap

    Later today, we are retiring the old Spotlight Music style and going for a different one with a brand new music writer. I'll let him do his own introductions, but the general idea will be switching to a single post format for music instead of the three per, with a LOT more commentary to give you all an idea on what you are diving into.

    We also have a new review system with new people going in, which will probably mean these posts are a bit stricter than normal.

    Hopefully this new style will help you all find the best of the best pony music here a bit better on EQD!

    Anyway, get three songs below, and expect to see stuff solo starting this afternoon as we transition into the new system with a new writer! 

    1.) Sayonara Maxwell & MiatriSs - Raise This Barn (Instrumental - Mixed Electronic)
    2.) Viricide Filly - Stuck in the Sky (Vocal - House)
    3.) Budzy x UndreamedPanic Acid Trap - (Instrumental - Trap)