• Forum Mascot Name Chosen! EQD Patreon Supporter Forum Tiers Added!

    For all the people taking part in the madness that is our new forums, we now have a name, as chosen by the masses, for the forum mascot. Introducing Cora Spondence! Chatty Batty came in pretty close, but in the end, Cora wins! Hopefully we can find something fun to do with her, but for now she will simply be our go-to bat for forum based events.

    If you are currently taking part in both the forums and the Patreon, we've also added a new tier system for anyone contributing to the site. Each section will unlock a badge with a specific graphic, name, and dollar amount near your avatar to show everyone how much you have supported us. This is simply a bonus to the already in-place tiers on Patreon. Nothing else is changing.

    Head on down below the break for the full list, and information on how to activate yours!

    How it works: 

    Each tier will be unlocked as your over-time patreon donations add up. The actual badge will appear right below your name and avatar with the dollar amount reached, tier, and a pony/griffon/dragon/whatever you are at! Patreon tracks how much you have donated in the lifetime of your account, so we can easily add these.

    You can of course stick to one specific tier if you prefer it. Updates will be done manually so

    $          Title:

    1 -        Supporter
    5 -        Tom
    10 -      Background Pony
    25 -      Power Pony
    50 -      Cutie Mark Crusader
    100 -    Dragon
    200 -    Griffon
    300 -    Crystal Pony
    400 -    Shadowbolt
    500 -    Wonderbolt
    600 -    Bat Pony
    700 -    Changeling
    800 -    Draconequus
    900 -    Element of Harmony
    1000 -  Alicorn
    1500 - “The Bearded”

    To have your badge added, simply message us on the Patreon page with what tier you have unlocked, and we will bump you up

    Thanks again to everyone contributing! We still want to add more reward tiers and things for people to do with us, but it's difficult to find things that are still fair for everyone. If you ever have any recommendations for what you want added to our Patreon page, please let us know either via email or Patreon itself!