• The "Cutie Map Quest" Book May Be Hinting at Upcoming "Viva Las Pegasus" and "Top Bolt" Episodes

    An activity book released over on Amazon back on August 2nd has a few different locations and storylines inspired directly by the show. Buried within it's pages are "Quests" involving both Griffonstone and Manehattan, each of which roughly follow their respective episodes.

    It goes a bit further though, with sections for a "Las Pegasus Quest" and "Wonderbolts Quest", both not following any previous episodes at all. These two actually introduce brand new characters and storylines, with pony models far too detailed for the usual pony models these activity books usually churn out if they need a new equine to further a story. Based on the earlier episode sections, it's looking like these may be hints at what we will see in both "Viva Las Pegasus" and "Top Bolt".

    Head on down below the break for the pages!

    Many thanks to Nervous Stitch for the detective work!