• Audio Books: "Her Blood Ran in Hollows...", "The Moonstone Cup", "Simply Rarity"

    We have another three audio books for you all! It's always nice to see the darker tones and ideas that fanfics can pull off, although the Season 5 finale definitely gave those stories a run for their money. Enjoy the readings after the break and make sure to subscribe to any channels that you see as rising potential!

    1). Her Blood Ran in Hollows of the Floor [Dark]
    2). The Moonstone Cup [Adventure]
    3). Simply Rarity [Sad] [Slice of Life] [Tragedy]

    Title: Her Blood Ran in Hollows of the Floor
    Description: No pony can hold onto their magic forever. Inevitably, a pony's body will be broken, and their magic will return to the air and soil. Celestia has held onto her magic for a very long time.

    After many long years of preparation, the time for Twilight to succeed Celestia as Bearer of the Sun has come. But as the abdication ceremony in which Celestia will relinquish her power approaches, Twilight begins to desperately search for a way to stop the dread ritual of the ceremony and save her friend.
    Tags: Dark
    Author: HoofBitingActionOverload
    Reader: Illya Leonov

    Title: The Moonstone Cup
    Description: Twilight is invited to Canterlot to compete with some of the greatest magicians in the world for the Moonstone Cup, a prestigious award for the most powerful and skillful magicians, unicorn and otherwise. Can she win? What sort of competition will she face?
    Tags: Adventure
    Author: Cyanide
    Reader: Raven Feathers

    Title: Simply Rarity
    Description: Twilight Sparkle's birthday has come around, and Rainbow Dash is unimpressed with Rarity's present. When Applejack pokes a bit of fun with her friend, Rarity becomes unusually upset. Twilight Sparkle investigates her friend's feeling, learning something she never expected about her friend and why she is truly suited to be the element of Generosity.
    Tags: Sad, Slice of Life, Tragedy
    Author: Somber
    Reader: Elysian Artistry