• Editorial: Feedback, Comments, and Why a Creative Fandom Like Ours Needs You to Do It More!

    We've all been here for up to six years now, and it's sometimes hard to come up with new things to say when browsing through deviant art pages, EQD posts, Youtube videos, or wherever else. As with most fandoms and online communities in general, the majority of the viewership tends to simply view, as opposed to interact.

    The pony fandom has always been a different type of entity though. The huge amount of meetups and conventions out there are sort of a testament to how well we have taken the spirit of the show in and gone out of our way to take that lurking internet mentality and form it into something more real. One thing we have become relatively light on though, is feedback!

    So, if you are someone who just browses or simply want some motivation to help a pony creator, or even us at EQD out for very little effort on your part, head on down below for a short editorial!

    Update: People make a good point. If you are a content creator, be sure to respond if someone asks something too! Otherwise they are less likely to comment in the future.

    All Feedback is Usually Good Feedback! 

    (Artist: Braeburned) 

    Brony is creatively driven. We get one 22 minute episode a week with giant half-year long breaks in between with a movie possibly littered throughout, but everything else is 100% community. We've done a great job of that over the years, and in the early days people's pages were absolutely flooded with feedback, both positive and negative. This helped tremendously in improving both the people making things, and the online pony presence as a whole.

    As time goes on though, newer people are having trouble finding that same feedback. It's something plaguing just about every sector of pony, from the video makers to the musicians. A few strike it rich on the Youtube algorithm front, but it's all a roll of the dice.

    Sometimes you might not like something as a whole, and nothing you say could help in any way. This is perfectly fine. If you do find something that made you feel something though, try to give them a buzz!

    Feedback Feels Goood

    Those upvotes and comments mean a lot to people. You can make someone's day just by saying "I liked it!" or help them tremendously by giving them tips on something that is a little off or can be improved. When I was getting into art earlier this year before burning out, the best possible comments were ones that listed a bunch of things I did wrong. I'd go through them and fix it for my next drawing. Even the simple congrats helps motivate a creator to do more though.

    Here on EQD, where a lot of people are simply volunteer based hoping to bring you the best of pony, it helps us an incredible amount when we get some feedback on a new post series or long term post that takes forever. Things like roundups, archives, editorials, followups, and drawfriend are hugely time consuming, taking a week to create in some cases. Feedback on these is beyond helpful in letting us know that the post we spent all day on is doing what you want it to do, or if it's useful for you.

    Even the average run of the mill post is important to get some feedback on. If you don't like a song we show, or want to see more of a specific type of PMV, that kind of feedback is critical on how we can formulate the posts here to best help everyone. 

    At the end of the day, writers, musicians, artists, coders, and anyone at all producing something love to get a response for what they make or do, and you all have the power to help that with only a quick swipe on a keyboard!

    TL;DR Comment more on both EQD and people's pages!