• New Music Writer - ExplodingPonyToast! - Music System Being Revamped

    Art credit goes to FireBrandKun

    Hey everybody, I’m ExplodingPonyToast, new music writer for EQD!

    I suppose it would be good to go into a bit of fandom history about myself, just so you all know who I am. I’ve been a brony ever since late 2011, and right from the get-go music has always been the most interesting part of it for me. At the end of 2011, myself and my friend Sellyme created a list of the top pony music of the year, which was then broadcast on Everfree Radio. I started creating my own pony music in 2012, and in early 2014 I became an admin of the compilation-album group Ponies at Dawn, which I’m now the lead organiser of. In 2016 I was apart of the opening of a music-specific blog site known as Horse Music Herald, which is dedicated to posting a wide variety of the fandom’s music in a similar way to the methods we’ll be trying out here at EQD now.

    So basically I’ll be posting up music tracks with proper descriptions so you can more easily tell if a track is something you’re going to be interested in, something that Sethisto hasn’t had the time to do himself in the past due to his many other EQD-related commitments. I hope you’re all excited for this new chapter in EQD’s music posting, because I certainly am!

    If you want to find me elsewhere on the internet, here are my social links: