• Brony Study Announces New Website Feature

    I was running a little low on science pictures so have a wiggling Calpony! He wiggles for science you know! Ahem, what this post is really about though is a little announcement from the Brony Study folks! They've added a new feature to their site and they want to give you all a reminder that the pre-season 5 survey is still up and that they'd love your answers.

    The Bronystudy is happy to announce several developments:

    1) We have launched a unique website for Brony Meet Up Group Admins. We ask ALL Group Admins to please visit the site and join in our efforts. The site can be accessed at www.Bronystudy.com or directly athttp://www.bronystudy.com/bronymeetupadmingroup.

    2) Any Brony fans who have NOT completed the Pre-season 5 survey please visit our website and help our efforts. The survey will be removed prior to the season5 premier. Find the survey at our website: 
    Twitter: Calpain