• Discussion: Who Would You Want to be Doctor Whoof's Assistant?

    If there is one thing this fandom has done a lot of over the years, it's crossovers.  No genre, setting, or universe is safe when ponies are involved. One in particular spawned a whole host of offshoots, via fanfiction, art, comics, music, and radio plays.  Doctor Whoof appeared early on in the series, and has been a fandom icon ever since.

    As many of you who watch the series probably know, The Doctor tends to have a companion. As a fandom, Twilight and Derpy were some of the big ones early on, with Ms. Hooves seemingly taking over the concept.  In the actual show, Roseluck was seen in the background rocking his trademark 3D glasses with him.

    So, good people of the pony fandom, I bring you the ultimate question. Who would you want to see his canon companion be? Which pony would have the best chemistry for exploring the universe and all of the glorious adventure that goes along with it? Hit the comments up!