• Story Updates - Febraury 27th

    Sad lovebutt?! Who could do that to Cadance? Read about it below in STORY UPDATES!

    Story: A Heavy Crown (Update Part 6!)


    Author: Fullmetal Pony
    Description: When the only other alicorn in Equestria is its ruler, a lot of questions don't have answers. There will be times of trial and error, there will be times when nothing makes sense, and there will be times when it's lonely. Was the crown given to you or forced on your head? It's heavy either way.
    A Heavy Crown (New Part 6!)

    Story: The Quiet Equestrian (Update Part 4!)


    Author: Chuck Finley

    Description: When Doctor Princess Twilight Sparkle got Ponyville and the surrounding lands as her exclusive demesne, she knew it meant changes and stuff. Glittering opportunities. Dire crises. Friendships gained and imperiled. The dawn of a new age for Ponyville. A renaissance of the arts and sciences. A great test of her abilities as a leader and as a friend.
    The brewing civil war took her by surprise, on the other claw.
    The Princesses and their allies in Canterlot are working to change the laws, disband the new militias and ensure a lasting peace, but they need time. Soon, this cold war of arms and intimidation will heat up, and all the laws and decrees in the world ain't stopping it. Doctor Princess Twilight Sparkle will buy them time. She will do what it takes to keep her friends, her family, and yes, her demesne safe.
    With the help of a handsome griffon security professional—that's me, by the way—a devious illusionist, a ruthless athlete, a bored noble, and a pair of boater-clad con-ponies, she'll stop the damn war herself if she has to.
    Touch wood I'll live to tell about it...

    The Quiet Equestrian (New Part 4!)

    Story: Sunny Skies and Pinkie Pies (Update Part 3!)


    Author: ugugg93

    Description: With her formal coronation complete, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have invited Princess Twilight Sparkle to the capital to undergo formal instruction how to rule. It is a glorious event, fit to fill history tomes for all time. They would spend their time with long royal court sessions, longer book studies, and all other manners of royal training. 
    Then Pinkie tagged along.

    Sunny Skies and Pinkie Pies (New Part 3!)