• Leonard Nimoy Passes Away

    Not too long ago I had the misfortune of reading that Leonard Nimoy, Spock of Star Trek, has passed away from end stage COPD. While I was not part of the generation that grew up with the original Star Trek, the crew of that era was ingrained in the culture of our society and my sister and I learned all about Spock and the Vulcans from pop culture with the Live Long and Prosper gesture being one of the first I actually learned outside the thumbs up.

    While it isn't exactly pony related a lot of us are Star Trek fans or if not Trek fans at least fans of Mr. Nimoy's work and influence on our culture. He lived a long and prosperous life, may he rest in peace.

    New York Times Article

    Yes, I know this scene is technically from the Into Darkness Star Trek movie, but it is still a play on the iconic Star Trek scene.