• We Love Fine - More Figures Announcing Soon! April Fools DJ Pon-3 Was Real, 4 Variants Not.

    It sounds like We Love Fine's vinyl figure lineup is doing really well.  A new statement clarifying the DJ-Pon3 April Fools gag was released, noting that the Black Light version is legit and order-able, but the other 4 are not.  The biggest news is the announcement of more vinyls coming in the next few months.  Full statement below:

    All of you who purchased a Black Light DJ PON-3 figure yesterday, you can breathe easy… you actually purchased her! This groovetastic Vinyl Scratch figure is real, and will be shipping in late July. That said.. all that other stuff about real rooted hair and rotating turntables? Yeah, we were pulling your legs. This is the LAST of the last of the PON-3 variants, really and truly!

    We do, however, have more freakin' awesome MLP vinyls coming your way in the coming months. They are all NEW. They are all rad. Who are they? We can't say… yet. Stay tuned for updates!

    If you want her, head on over here to grab her! And grab a Trixie while you are at it, she needs more merch!