• Poll Results: Which City in Equestria Would you Visit First? / Best Season 30 Ep.

    I was honestly expecting Cloudsdale to win here.  It was Luna wasn't it? You all voted Canterlot so you could go get drunk with/play board games with Luna.  Too bad Luna doesn't even hang at the castle anymore.  You arrive at the castle and your princess waifu is in another castle.  What do you do now? You do nothing that's what.  Canterlot is totally boring.

    Now Cloudsdale, that's a city!

    Have the April Fools poll too.  I should have named that episode "Fly me to the Luna: Worst Pony".  I bet none of you would vote for it then.  Hit the new poll up on the side bar.  It has absolutely no link to Luna.

    (Luna best princess)