• Reminder: Ministry of Brony Charity Album Release

    A while back, we tossed up a recruitment call for Ministry of Brony, and now it is officially released. Some big name artists you have beel listening to forever now hopped on and got involved.  Altogeather, we have fifty four minutes of music for you all to donate for.  Head on down below for all the relevant information on it, along with a preview, or just go buy it.  

    The Ministry of Brony: Sessions One Charity Album

    As announced earlier this week, Fillydelphia Radio’s Ministry of Brony: Sessions One charity album has been released this Saturday—a release that also marks the launch of the associated fundraiser.

    To obtain the album, all you have to do is donate an amount of your choosing to the Ministry of Brony fundraiser. On the thank you page, you will obtain a secret link to the album, which you can download as archive of FLAC, MP3, and OGG files.

    Click to go to the Ministry of Brony fundraiser page!

    The album Ministry of Brony: Sessions One is a DJ mix compilation of fifty-four minutes of house, trance, and electro music mixed by Waranto Wingbeats. It features twelve tracks of awesome, pumping music from the community, a homage to the popular Ministry of Sound releases. Below, you can find the track list, further below a preview of the album.
    1. Sym-Pony – Hope
    2. Evdog – For Andrea
    3. Captivated – I Like You (Afrox Remix)
    4. DJ Alez Android – A True Rarity
    5. DJ TACTM – Benedict Cumberpickle
    6. Faren – Alteration
    7. DitzyRhythm – Standalone Client (Original Mix)
    8. Sonic Rainboom – Somnambulent
    9. Azerty – Tree Of Harmony
    10. Metapony – Torn
    11. MrMehster – Tease and Sieze
    12. Baradoros – Chaos Cannon
    The altruistic cause of the fundraiser is a support project for the nonprofit Child Need Africa, which runs the medical clinic in Uganda that we all have helped to fund in 2012. In order to keep up the level of life-saving medical service that they’ve been providing to the impoverished region, they need a strong and sustainable source of income for the clinic, one that will be independent of donations in the long term.

    The first step to achieving this is for Child Need Africa to buy and renovate a house near the capital, so that the complete revenue from the rents can help pay for essential supplies for the clinic, especially the medication. All details of the project can be found on Your Siblings’ Permanent Income for the Clinic project page.