• MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights - Very Supportive!

    Hello again, everyone! I'm happy to share another Canterlot Nights preview article with you, this time brought to us by development team member Amanda! She's here to say a few words about some of the Mane Six's closest family and friends (and some behind-the-scenes insight into the game's development!), down below the break:

    As much as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is about making friends, it's also about trusting those friends and accepting their help when you need it. It's a tough lesson sometimes (*cough* Applejack in Applebuck Season *cough*) but it's an important one to remember.

    We are bringing this aspect of the show to the My Little Pony CCG in Canterlot Nights with the new keyword, "Supportive."

    Of course, all of your Friend cards help your Mane Character in their quest to solve Problems, but while we all have power and capabilities in our own right, there are some folks who really seem to shine when they are lending their strength to another.

    Twilight Velvet's game text says, "Supportive 2 (This card has +2 power while at a Problem with your Mane Character that shares a color with it.)" When Twilight Velvet is at a Problem with your Purple Mane Character (usually her daughter!) Twilight Velvet will get an extra boost of power.

    Note that this power is there at all times that the conditions are met, not just during a certain phase, so this bonus can help you play cards, solve Problems, win faceoffs, and anything else you can think of where you would need to check your power total.

    Supportive characters have all earned the title one way or another, each of them gaining this ability through their actions on the show and their relationship to other characters we all know and love.

    Keep your eyes open for these exciting new cards in Canterlot Nights. They may give you that little extra oomph you've been missing!

    Thanks for the preview, Amanda!

    Sometimes cards and concepts are designed purely top-down (meaning "Luna does THIS in Luna Eclipsed, so let's write THIS gameplay text"), and sometimes they start as gameplay text that needs to be translated into stuff from the show. That's actually my primary role as the CCG's story/concepting lead: being a walking, talking encyclopedia of MLP:FiM so I can come up with top-down concepts and make sure everything else is as "pony" as possible!

    "Supportive" was something that started as pure gameplay text, but definitely felt pony-ish from the get-go. Mulling it over, I came to realize that close family and friends were some of the best characters to receive this gameplay text. Twilight Velvet, being Princess Sparkle's mom and all, was a perfect candidate! That's a BIG hint of what other Supportive folks you'll be seeing in Canterlot Nights, but for now you'll just have to wait and see who shows up...