• Music of the Day #291

    How many of you would drop everything and visit ponyland? How many of you are even capable of dropping everything? Would you deal with EQD suddenly stopping as I go and tour Equestria with Cadance here?

    Get some music below to listen to while you ponder these important life questions!

    [1] Source
    Find The Music In You (Outbreak Remix)
    Instrumental - Drum and Bass

    [2] Source
    Generosity 8-bit Season 4 [50 Subs Special]
    Remix - 8 Bit

    [3] Source
    Blood Stained Gems-Nightmarity's Waltz
    Instrumental - Symphonic metal

    [4] Source
    Viricide Filly - Power Trip [Shards of Disharmony] [electro]

    [5] Source
    Gouranga 2014 - Maud's State of Mind

    [6] Source
    [Drum & Bass] Seven Ponies - Fluttersky (3ternal Remix)
    Remix - DnB

    [7] Source
    IHazAPone - Scratch
    Instrumental - Big Room House

    [8] Source
    Omnipony - Bass Cannon [PONE_NINE Remaster]