• 25/66 Days of Pony - Party of One

    We were nearing the end of season one at this point, and the fandom was about to hit it's first big pony haitus. The next episode was going to focus completely on Pinkie Pie, and many were looking for something different after her journey into the controversial. Would Party of One Deliver? You bet it did.

    At this point, each of the main ponies had their own personal mental issues, with Twilight Sparkle lacking social skills, Applejack being stubborn, Rainbow Dash glowing in narcissism, Fluttershy failing at confidence and Rarity breaking down and going full on crazy cat lady. Pinkie Pie was still an enigma though.  It was time to shatter this character and show off a side of her that only the darkest fanfiction explored, and holy ponies if Meghan McCarthy didn't go all the way.  Our favorite happy go lucky party horse went full on creepymode. 

    Needless to say, Meghan ended up with a reputation for writing ponies losing their minds by season 2. This style really did help give them a load of extra character though.  They all had flaws, which made them much more relate-able. 

    Anyway, get some Party of One below the break!