• 20/66 Days of Pony - Green Isn't Your Color

    Boy, if you thought rationalizing liking one fashion-oriented episode to yourself was tough...

    While this episode's progression and ending moral lesson were fairly standard, it still stands out in the fandom's memory for the sheer number of memorable events and characters it introduced and inspired. Just to name a few, the character of Photo Finish gave birth to the wildly popular fandom-produced animation Picture Perfect Pony, Pinkie Pie's 'FOREVER' trope is still repeated today, and thousands were injured sticking cupcakes in their eyes while try to perform a vow of secrecy. Okay, maybe that was just me.

    But honestly, I think the two most important things that we learned from this episode are that Rarity squeaks when she's happy and that marshmallow pony hooves turn into nightmare fuel when submerged in hot water too long. Who would have thought?

    Be sure to catch Half Of The Show Artist's Pay Went Into Outfits For This Episode after the break.