• Discussion: You Have Been Tasked With Introducing Pony Society to Humans, What Do You Bring?

    We have been watching pony society from our dimension for three years now, and science has finally discovered a way to travel there. As far as we know, they are completely oblivious to the existence of humans.

    As someone who spends way too much time with pony, you have been chosen as an ambassador for first contact.  You need to choose five things that best represent the good side of the human race, including:

    • Some form of music, be that an album or specific song. 
    • A film (player and TV included).
    • A work of art.
    • A picture of a famous land mark or wonder of the world.  
    • The final item is anything you wish. 

    Choose wisely! Make the human race look good! Body pillows and internet searches should probably be left at home!