• Nightly Roundup #789

    Suddenly Diamond Tiara! She doesn't get a lot of headers now does she? Hopefully that helps fill the gap between all the haves and haves nots on EqD, though there is quite a long way to go to make sure everyone gets covered.

    Time for the news ponies! Check it after the break yo.

    Tonight's Stories

    Bright Eyes Audiobook

    I have just finished uploading my audiobook of "Bright Eyes" by Agent Bookfort. It can be found at https://soundcloud.com/illya-leonov and also at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr4UwJ-9Jvs&feature=c4-overview&list=UUHmZW2ThMRGG1nLWVxIqgEg if you are in the mood for YouTube

    Hidden Gem Brony Songs of September

    So what songs were hidden gems for this past month? Check above to find out!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Past Sins Printing Meetup

    I just wanted to bring to your attention that just a couple hours ago, a meetup took place to celebrate the printing of Pen Stroke's amazing fan fiction "Past Sins" (details can be found on this page). I'm sure that's notable enough for a Nightly Roundup (right?) but that's not all; I noticed on the submit page how it said not to download links, and I didn't know if that applied to e-mail attachments or not. Anyway, please find attached 5 images from the meetup (2 shots of the cake that we had there, and then 3 of the full group; any of the other images had at least one group member missing, if I'm not mistaken). If this violates the download rule, again, I'm sorry, and have also uploaded them to the meetup site here.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    GTA Group

    Group Name: League of Discord

    Platform: Xbox 360

    Game: GTA 5 (Online)

    We are the League of Discord, followers of the one true way of life. Chaos. We welcome all types of people, no matter there skills. If you live with chaos as you ultimate tool, we have a seat saved for you. Join the chaos, because what fun is there in making sense?

    Brony Herd Census Needs Help

    The 2014 Brony Herd Census will be launching on January 1st, 2014, and we need people to help. If you have a good questions that you think should be on the census (or think you can improve one we asked last year), like to analyze data, speak a non-english language fluently, or would like to contribute artwork for the finished report, drop by the Census forum and get in the action.

    The forum is available at:


    We look forward to your help!

    Halloween Banner Contest

    Over at Bronies UK we're hosting a Halloween banner drawing contest with the chance to win a £10 Amazon e-voucher!

    Here's the news post with more details!
    Hoping to get word out!

    Super Smash Ponies Celebrates One Year!

    The Super Smash Ponies Team Celebrates their first year anniversary! Come join them at the link below.

    Get more information here!

    Ying Yang Studioes Looking for Help

    Hi everyone, we need people to do the voice of Rainbow Dash in our project.
    For the auddition, you can recorde any lines that you want and have a good mic
    for a good sound. If you are intersested please, contact me by email ([email protected]) or
    by deviantart http://phoenixdash.deviantart.com/ . we need other voice actors, you can see the
    characters who is available on the website http://yinyangstudios.wix.com/yinyangstudios#!voice-actors/c9nj

    Doctor Whooves Project Casting Call

    Bronies of Home Group

    We are a group of bronies that occasionally get on playstation home on playstation 3 and hang out. come join us! we are looking for new members! just send a join request and we will add you. only rules: be nice, and respectable to each other. also only join if you will show up. others have joined only to have the name on their avatar. if you join show up occasionally. meetings are sporadic as of now but if we get more members that may change in the future. follow us on twitter for updates! https://twitter.com/BroniesOfHome

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Music Analysis

    The MBS Show Episode 83

    On Episode 83 of The MBS Show we are joined by Duo Cartoonist and we have an awesome guest, She is one of the few analysis bronies on the internet, with her quick and funny way she presents her ideas to the masses; she is surely one of a kind. We are proud to bring you “I Love Kim Possible A Lot” or KP for short! Join us as we talk about how she got started, what inspired her and most importantly “what is her obsession with Discord!!!

    Catch the episode in the link below:

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    October 8, 2011-2012

    2011 - Youtube Poop News does a report on pony and a huge archive of animated pony gifs appears.

    2012 - Sibsy's pony is filled with road rage and the Mechromancer of BL2 has tons of pony references.