• 15/66 Days of Pony - Feeling Pinkie Keen

    Things were in full swing by this point.  The fandom was growing exponentially thanks to the loads of forum avatars and friends telling friends.   You really couldn't go to a nerd oriented website without running into at least a bit of pony.

    Feeling Pinkie Keen brought on some good ol' fashioned controversy! The usual discussions about how cute Twilight looked in a snow suit or what Luna's backstory was quickly turned into religious debates.  While it was never the staff's intention (or Lauren's for that matter, who commented on it) to force science against belief, the blossoming fandom quickly jumped to that conclusion and storms ensued!

    Outside of that though, it had some pretty great slapstick humor all around.  Poor Twilight Sparkle was completely obliterated the entire time, with some good old fashioned anvil tropes and open cellars.  At least she looks really good in bandages!

    Oh yeah, and Derpy was derped on purpose for the first time. Suddenly we had something to look for during every episode. 

    Head on down below the break for some Feeling Pinkie Keen!