• 8/66 Days of Pony - Look Before You Sleep

    December was an interesting month for pony. With the holiday season in full swing and the increased internet traffic that brings, Friendship is Magic saw an even bigger boost for the month. 

    Look Before You Sleep was an episode that some hated and others loved.   The entire thing took place in a single location with just the banter between two of the least liked ponies at the time to drive it forward.  Applejack and Rarity were slowly growing on people thanks to their antics in Dragonshy and Applebuck Season, but they weren't nearly as popular as the others. 

    Luckily, Twilight Sparkle was here to save the day with a brand new descriptive term for the unicorn: Adorkable.  In a fandom filled with geeks and nerds, Twilight Sparkle with her blossoming OCD and Guide to Sleepovers took over the pony world for weeks to come. 

    Oh, and this happened:

    Anyway, get your daily dose of apples, fashion, and adorkable below the break! How did you initially react to this episode?