• Nightly Roundup #777 Or Discuss ROBOT PONIES

    This is the shortest roundup ever. What do we do with short roundups? We talk about robot ponies. Why robot ponies? Because, Sweetie Bot is more popular than Sweetie Belle. How do I know this? I honestly don't. Should I poll it? You bet. Remind me to do that next time. Otherwise, go discuss robot ponies, and have some roundup stuff below the break.

    Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Equestria

    Full Metal Alchemist meets MLP meets Skyrim.

    North Dakota University Pony Article

    Filled with pony! Find it here.

    Art Contest

    Copy Paste:

    "A handful of weddings have already been announced throughout the fandom and both my future wife and me wish all these people the very best! We’ll be newlyweds soon enough ourselves.
    But different from this, we would like to run an art contest in celebration of our first child being born, to share joy and excitement during the last months before the birth!"

    All information here!

    MSN posts About the My Little Brony Parody on College Humor

    I still think it was pretty funny! Find it here.


    My Little Pony Monday #27


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Luna Plushie
    Halloween Pinkie Pie Drawing
    Rarity Drawing

    This Day in Pony History

    2011: Concept sketches for Friendship is Magic
    2012: BUTT STALLION makes her debut