• Spotlighting Fanfiction with the Royal Canterlot Library

    Bear with us, Sparkle.

    Yesterday, we posted two interviews with Amy Keating Rogers and M.A. Larson entailing their writing backgrounds and some behind-the-scenes looks at their approaches to "The Best Night Ever" and "Luna Eclipsed", respectively. Some of you may have heard of the Pony Fiction Vault before that. For those who haven't: it opened in November 2011 and serves as a spotlight blog for the better stories the pony fanfiction community has produced over the years. In addition to presenting interviews with the authors of said stories, it also provides e-book downloads of those stories in a variety of formats to take on the go.

    As of yesterday, the PFV made its final post.

    In preparing for its closure, a handful of Equestria Daily pre-readers teamed up with a couple of community authors to continue highlighting meritorious stories written by the fandom. The Royal Canterlot Library is the product of their endeavors, and their first feature is live right now! New features will be released once every week on Saturdays.

    If you're new to the fanfiction scene, or want even finer QA than what Equestria Daily provides, both the Pony Fiction Vault and the Royal Canterlot Library should be more than deep enough for diving in and getting your hooves wet. Wordplay. Go check 'em both out!