• Spotlight Music: Solstice / My Equestria / Gypsy Bard ( DJ Pon-3's Remix )

    We start this one off with a new Drums and Bass song with accompanying vocals from a singer I haven't heard of going by the name of Sidonie.  I wouldn't mind hearing more from this duo personally!

    Slot #2 is taken up by an Equestrian ballad from yet another newer musician going by the name of Amadhia. I for one welcome this new armada of female vocalists!

    And in the final slot, we have a remix of Gypsy Bard, with a mix of funk and intense electro beats to build it up. Find all three below the break!

    1.) Evening Star - Solstice (ft. Sidonie Bishop)
    2.) My Equestria
    3.) Gypsy Bard ( DJ Pon-3's Remix )