• Nightly Roundup #655

    Batshy? Batmare? Flutterbat? I don't really know what to call it, but Fluttershy looks good no matter what you dress her in.

    Have some Nightly Roundup stuff!  Everything from the usual meetup stuff to Twilight Sparkle beating up Renamon. 

    Twilight Sparkle in Mugen

    The fighting game MUGEN is currently being modded to add a bit pony pony to the cast.  Hit the video up above to check it out!

    Teenage Cutie Mark Crusaders Update
    Copy Paste:
    Hello bronies!

    Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned for this project! You were all wonderful! But in the end I do have to make single choices. So now auditions are closed and we have our primary cast! Please check the link for more info on who's playing who.

    But there's still a chance to get involved with this! One last thing we need before production begins is an artist!
    The artist will draw still pictures for the episodes, with several pictures per episode. This helps to set the scene and show what characters are involved and the description of what I'd like for pictures are in the episode scripts.
    This will be a different type of 'audition' for those with talent when it comes to drawing. This competition is open to all artists, so here's what I'd like:

    To enter the competition, you can draw one of two things and in any art style you like:
    -The Cutie Mark Crusaders as teenagers with the character Shiner form the fic, they can be doing whatever you want, it just has to include them.
    -You can read the fanfic (link to the fic is in the thread linked below) and draw any scene from it that you like.

    I look forward to getting lots of entries! And the winner will be my dedicated artist and recieve a copy of every episode script so they know what to draw. Even so, people who didn't get chosen will still have their art displayed in a video with the audio drama's extended theme song which will come out as soon as the artist is chosen.
    Please give in all art entries by Monday 20th May. Once that date comes along I will make the video showing off everyone's entires.

    Link here: http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/showthread.php?85437

    Thank you again and good luck artists!


    Let's React

    Spike at Your Service
    Apple Family Reunion


    Successful Meetups

    Katipunan Meetup

    Last April 26,the Katipunan Bronies Guild held a meetup at the Eastwood Mall in Quezon City,Philippines where we watched Iron Man 3.We also played with our pony toys while waiting to be able to enter the movie theatre,and after watching the film,we had some good 'ol pizza at a nearby bowling alley for dinner.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Peru Meetup

    ¿Cansado de esperar la 4ta temporada y deseas pasar un buen rato con otros bronies?

    ¡Pues entonces no te puedes perder el 7mo meetup de Bronies Perú!

    El lugar donde se realizará será de nuevo el 3er piso de Gimnasio Reeves. La mayoría ya debe saber cómo llegar, pero para los que no, les dejo acá la dirección:

    Tercer piso del Gimnasio Reeves, en la Av. Teodoro Cárdenas Nro. 332 - Entre la cuadra 12 y 13 de Petit Thouars.
    Ubicación en Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/a9QBf
    Imagen del local: http://i.imgur.com/poAFUOr.jpg

    La fecha: 25 de Mayo, de 4:30 a 8:45.

    La entrada por persona volverá a ser de 5 NUEVOS SOLES, esto como siempre es para poder costear el local, sillas, mesas, etc. Junto a la entrada se te entregará un sticker para colocar tu nombre junto a una tarjeta de recuerdo.

    Vamos a tener actividades nuevas, como un set musical, torneo de Fighting is Magic y karaoke, además de contar con las actividades ya clásicas en nuestros meetups, como lo es el juego de Ponle la cola a Pinkie, improvisación, etc., ¡También la venta de mayor diversidad de artículos brony y cupcakes!

    Más información en: http://www.facebook.com/events/104573596413878/

    Contamos con tu asistencia, ¡No faltes! /)


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Scootaloo Painting
    Bonbon Custom