• Blast from the Past #18 - Fanfic Edition

    Wow, it has been a couple months hasn't it? Hopefully now that school is over I can get back to making these things since they are actually quite fun to do! Since it has been even longer since our last fanfic edition of the Blast posts and now that more people have time to read as summer is just around the corner how about we dust off some old stories?

    If you have a suggestion for future Blast from the Past editions, whether it be music, comics, videos, ect please send them to my email at [email protected]. I'll make sure to take a look at them when I can and see if I can file them for later!

    Stargate Equestria by Bosstone

    First up is a prime example of ponies being mixed with anything and being mixed with them well! Released back in August 2011, Stargate Equestria was one of the products of the first great pony drought when an explosion of fans entering the fandom resulted in an equally impressive explosion in creative works. Spanning several chapters, this oldie is sure to please both pony and Stargate fans alike.

    Description: When the SG-1 team stumbles through the Stargate into Equestria, an ancient sleeping foe awakens. Can Colonel O'Neill and his team protect the planet's unusual but friendly inhabitants and find their way home again?

    Stargate Equestria Page

    Shaman by The Mechanic

    Zecora artwork is rare enough let alone fan fiction of everyone's favorite zebra. Thankfully what little there is out there still has gems like this story to please Zecora fans! Published way back in June 2011 this short story is one you shouldn't pass up.

    Description: When one becomes a Shaman, there are many sacrifices to be made. But you gain so much more than you lose.

    Shaman Page

    Ah Ain't Got no Ack-Cent! by Conner Cogwork

    From the creative mind that brought you On a Cross and Arrow comes a story that some of our pre-readers say "Could very well be an episode". An Applejack fic coming from May 2011 this classic is sure to entice those of you looking to read more stories from Conner as well as those looking for an opportunity to read more episode quality stories.

    Description: When Rarity is overwhelmed with making designs for an agriculture exhibition, she turns to Applejack for advice. But when she gives Applejack a hair style treatment in return, the apple farmer lets her accent slip from southern drawl to sophisticated Manehattenite. The result? More fancy parties than you can shake a candy apple at!  

    Ah Ain't Got no Ack-Cent Page

    Progress by Andrew Joshua Talon

    Last one tonight is a true classic of the Luna fanfic genre. Ever wonder why Luna is sometimes seen with an abacus? Well, you can trace its origins to this very fic! One of the few fics I have read at least part way I can highly recommend it due to not only the often funny situations Luna finds herself in, but the very likeable characters she interacts with. An oldie, but a goodie so go check it out!

    Description: A thousand years is quite the generation gap, so Princess Luna decides she has to get with the times. However, this isn't quite as easy as she thinks it will be...

    Progress Page