• iPad App Review: "A Canterlot Wedding"

    Courtesy of Whatshisgame, we've been informed that the official A Canterlot Wedding iPad app by Egmont from some months ago has today been re-released in two versions: an English-only version, which isn’t available in the US, and an English/Polish version, which is available in the US and is the one that I grabbed and flipped through. The app is presented in Polish, but there's a switch on the main menu screen to make it English.

    Much like the Ruckus storybook apps we reviewed a while ago, this is a simple storybook app with a (Polish-accented) voiceover and episode footage. You flip through scenes from A Canterlot Wedding and have the story told you, minus that whole deal with Chrysalis. I guess she was too dark for a children's app.

    The episode footage is of high quality and mostly free of artifacting, and looks great on a Retina-class display. The text is a little blurry, but it's not distracting. This was one of the main complaints I had for the original Ruckus apps, so I'm glad that a company put the effort into making the app look great. Be wary, though, as it does balloon the app's size to 282MB. You probably want to download this one over Wi-Fi if you can.

    There are also games interspersed throughout the story which let the reader help the ponies prepare for the wedding. Applejack really did not like me putting chili peppers in her cookie dough mix. I'm sure if Pinkie were in charge we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of closed-box thinking.

    Lighten up, apple butt.

    All in all, my recommendation for this is the same as the other storybook apps that we've seen so far- suitable for younger readers and that's about it. If you have a child or know someone who does, this would make a good gift. At three dollars, it's not terribly expensive, and if you really want to you can use it to teach your child Polish. I guess.

    Find it here on the App Store.