• The Top 5 Most Powerful Characters In MLP

    Let's talk POWER LEVELS! This takes me back to schoolyard arguments of yore, debating who was the strongest Dragon Ball Z character. Below the break, MDLMongoose justifies his picks for the top 5 most powerful characters in MLP, in an incredibly smooth, husky voice.

    Mongoose's video focuses a lot on the unicorns, but I wonder if they really hold all the power in Equestria? Does magical power really equate to overall power? I'd like to imagine that an Earth Pony's physical strength could overpower magic in a fight. Twilight may be incredibly powerful, but could she really take Big Macintosh?

    I realize "power" and "fighting ability" aren't necessarily the same, but I'm definitely interested in exploring different ways that the ponies could be powerful, and the different metrics by which they could stack up against one-another. What do you think? Who are the most powerful characters in MLP?