• Fanfic events! Fanfic events EVERYWHERE!

    Please, don't let their reaction be THIS, folks.

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    Hello everypony, it is I, Noble Cause, with the almighty blog post privileges at last courtesy of Seth himself.  You might wonder if I have something up my sleeve... well, if I wore them.  In point of fact, I do have plans.

    Hit the break for more info.

    I'm here to make a few announcements.  From here on out, I'm going to be running fanfic events.  Flash fic events running 24-48 hours every couple weeks or so, the rare week-long events, some special things like for the upcoming Memorial Day here in the states, and who could forget, NaPoWriMo, now shifted to September, as to not interfere with the ATG run by Phoe?

    Yes indeedy, I have me my plans, fillies and gentlecolts... and the first flash fic event starts at 12:00 a.m. Monday.  It's going to be a 24 hour event, just to start out, due by midnight TUESDAY.  That means starting at whenever it ticks over into Monday for your local time, and finishing Tuesday at your local time.

    So you're probably wondering 'what's the catch?'.

    I have stipulations when I run these.  Some are going to be standard no matter what the event, some are going to be specialized.

    Stipulations are as follows (standard):

    1.  Entries are to be no shorter than 3,000 words and no longer than 5,000.  I'll allow for 500 words leeway either way, just in case something either doesn't pan out, or runs a smidge longer than expected.
    2.  PG-13 rating IS in effect here.  This is EqD, after all.
    3.  In addendum to point two, that means no clop, no gore, as usual.

    Special stipulation:

    As this is the first event, I'll start off with something fun here, and give you a prompt to work with:

    "Fireworks and the open road.  Sun, rain, sleet and hail.  Through it all, Trixie travels.  It's up to you to figure out why she travels, and the reason she performs.  A friend she left behind? Wanting to show up Twilight? Something else? It's down to you."

    Good luck, my friends, and have fun!  For those wanting to participate, please send your entries to knowledgeabounds AT gmail DOT com.