• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Little Derpy / Ask Young Zecora / Ask Chocolate Pony

    Time for another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight my friends! Where we dive into the vast ocean of tumblr pony and pull out some interesting and hopefully enjoyable catches! Once again we've got an interesting mix for you all today so dive right in.

    If you're interested in sending in a tumblr you find interesting or would like to promote your own tumblr, please send your suggestions to [email protected]. Just make sure the tumblrs follow our content guidelines which you can find under the submission tab.

    Ask Little Derpy

    First up on our list is an original take on Derpy's life when she was just a young filly. Sprinkled with a fair mix of intrigue, sadness, and happy inducing cuteness, these emotions are reinforced by wonderfully done art and underlying story arcs. So if you're a Derpy fan who wants just a little more depth to their Derpy fan works than normal I would highly recommend this relatively young, but exciting tumblr!

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    Ask Young Zecora

    Up next is a rather unique tumblr that I admit to not seeing much of during my times in the pony fandom. Zecora art is rare enough, but a Zecora tumblr with her as a young filly? Why, I've never heard of such a thing! For those fans of Zecora out there this promising new tumblr might be right up your alley!

    Ask Young Zecora takes place in a time long before Zecora came to Ponyville and the Everfree Forest, back when she was still in her homeland and learning how to become an expert of the zebra magical craft. With an interesting art style and a look into a character's background that isn't often explored, Ask Young Zecora is certainly worth a peek!

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    Ask Chocolate Pony

    To wrap things up on this edition of the Tumblr Spotlight we have a most interesting as well as silly tumblr for you all today. Ask Chocolate Pony gives life to the most unlikely of characters: the life-sized chocolate pony seen in Call of the Cutie. While the concept seems silly, the artist in charge pulls it off well with a combination of well done artwork and a good sense of humor! If you're looking for something silly to brighten your day, look no further and check this tumblr out.

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