• Spotlight Fluttershy Music (+ some Apples): Get Out of My Way / Go To Sleep / Super Ponybeat — Raise This Barn (Hoedown Mix)

    Thrash metal? With my Fluttershy? That's a first. Fans of the genre will probably find something to enjoy, everyone else can wonder what happened to Fluttershy to bring about this sudden change!

    And in the second slot, we have a bit of creepy/dubstepy Hush Now, because Thrash metal isn't the only thing Fluttershy is good at.

    And finally, because Applejack is a bit under Fluttershy in the awesome scale, we  have a new Super Ponybeat Raise This Barn track.

    Find everything below!

    1.) Secret metal - Get out of my way
    2.) Aftermath - Go To Sleep (Hush Now Quiet Now Remix) [VIP]
    3.) Super Ponybeat — Raise This Barn (Hoedown Mix) ft. Odyssey & Wild Joe's Eurobeat Band.