• Random Merch: Pencils, Cups, Towels, Slippers, and More!

    Erasers, penciles, pads, and more! It's random merch time. The image above was an assortment of merch (detailed below) found at a Walmart. I guess back to school came way early.

    Onward to random merch!

    Sticker Box

    Usually we see sticker books, it looks like they have expanded into a full on box though. I never really considered the sticker market. It was found at a store called Tiimari in Finland for 2.99 Euros

    Thanks to Karoliina for the heads up!

    Children's Slippers

    Found once again in Finland for 7.95 at H&M.

    Rainbow Dash Sunglasses

    Rainbow Dash usually wears sunglasses, so I guess this was inevitable. Found at Hot Topic

    Thanks to @BigOlSmalls for this one.


    Found by Ponygirl. So shiny!

    Dollar Pony Merch


    Pencil w/ two erasers: $1
    Jumbo Eraser: $1
    Jumbo Pencil: $1
    Memo pad w/ pen: $1
    Sticker Roll: $2
    Pencil Case: $2
    Tattoos: $1
    5 Piece Study Set: $2
    6 Piece Sketchbook Set: $2

    All found at Walmart by ProducePonySeller

    Beach Towel

    Found by Framwinkle this time around, at walmart.  There are other Celestia towels, but I think this one is new!


    Also found at Walmart, from Framwinkle again.