• Nightly Roundup #583

    Nothing like curling up in bed with a good book and a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate! Simply the perfect way to unwind from a busy day as you get ready to sleep.

    Well guys, you must have been sick of short Roundups because we actually have a decent amount of stuff tonight! Check it all out after the break.

    University of Nebraska Paper Reports on Bronies

    Another university newspaper has caught the pony bug and done a little piece on their campus' local Brony population. Check the article out down below for details.


    Pony of the Ultra Fast Variety

    Finally Some Cake!

    Discordantly Dramatic Reading

    We sure do have a bunch of talented VAs in this fandom! Heck just talented folks in general! Never a dull moment, huh?

    MLPchan Season Wrap Up Contest

    Copy Paste:

    In honor of the big finale of Season 3 of Friendship is Magic, MLPchan is hosting a series of contests across several boards. 

    Stop in and check out the contests if you're an author, artist, or just a pony fan who loves to discuss the show - anyone might win with these 4 different contests.
    Good luck, enjoy, and have fun with the finale everyone! - mlpchan.net

    /pony/ contest - season 3 discussion http://mlpchan.net/pony/res/198329.html
    /oat/ contest - season 3 commentary http://mlpchan.net/oat/res/317292.html
    /fic/ contest - season 3 fanfiction http://mlpchan.net/fic/res/4136.html
    /art/ contest - season 3 artwork http://mlpchan.net/art/res/2623.html

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Copy Paste:

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. This weeks film is simply titled Knights.  Staring kick boxer Kathy Long, the movie is about a revolt against cyborg overlords who have learned the secret of immortality by consuming the blood of the human population. The only one's to stand up against them are Nea, a woman who grows up vowing revenge on the cyborgs for the destruction they have caused, and Gabriel, a cyborg who's sole mission is to destroy cyborgs, at the behest of the cyborg creator himself.

    Hosts for this weeks movie:

    Harlequin Jester
    Feral Socks
    and I have no idea who the guest is.

    LOCATION OF THE MOVIE WILL BE HERE: http://www.livestream.com/derpiboorumovienight?t=958481



    Voice of Equestria - Episode 29

    Copy Paste:

    Silverlight's voice decided to take a vacation this week and wasn't in a mood to take "no" for an answer, so this time Scorch and Dalken take the wheel.  Several news items (some of them very saddening), and episode of Ponies to discuss, a wonderfully large amount of listener feedback, and some other cool things await you inside.  Come check it out!

    Escape to the Moon - Episode 30.5

    A LONG .5 podcast that was suppose to be only 10 minutes. In this podcast, (recorded a week ago) the crew of NLRStudios talk about Alicorn Twilight, What they like, do not like and things that make Naki rage, I hope you all enjoy.

    Roan Oak - Episode 1

    Copy Paste:

    Hello! A new podcast is being started in the brony community, and we were hoping you all could check us out
    The show is a podcast focused on comedy and it is an RP-based, stay-in-character type of podcast, its focus on improv and comedy makes it different from others before it!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Writing Workshop Scholarship

    Copy Paste:

    Clarion, Clarion West, and Odyssey are three famous 6-week science
    fiction & fantasy writing workshops that take place every summer in
    different parts of America.  We're raising money for any My Little
    Pony fan-fiction author who gets accepted into one of these workshops.
     If you want to donate, or you want to attend, see


    So far we have over $1000 pledged.  We also need more good fanfic
    writers to apply to the workshops!
    Ponychan Theme Contest is Live

    Copy Paste:

    I'm SweetieBelle of PonyChan.net, and we'd just like to announce that the Ponychan Theme Contest is now live, and anyone with any kind of knowledge of CSS is very welcomed to give a shot at adding their credited theme to our in-built themes! https://twitter.com/PonychanUpdates/status/302146689828012032
    Travels with Dashie Unicon Stunt

    Copy Paste:

    The upcoming Unicon convention in Las Vegas looks to be full excitement for all attending, and Nightwings81, author of the fun and informative travel blog, http://www.travelswithdashie.com/, wants to take it a step further.
    With the help of her fellow bronies, Nightwings81 and her brave Rainbow Dash brushable, plan to attempt a sonic rainboom from the Stratosphere Tower Skyjump. This freefall/zipline will send them plummeting 108 stories (over 800 feet) to the Strip below.
    Nightwings81 needs donations for this momentous leap and will accept any and all at her booth in the vendor’s room at Unicon. With these donations, she will provide video and pictures to the con and Equestria Daily and write of her experience on travelswithdashie.com/. The first fifty donators who give $3.00 or more will also receive a special gift.
    If you are attending Unicon on Feb 21-23, stop by Nightwing Accents, and help Nightwings81 and Dashie perform the My Little Pony stunt of a lifetime!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Mini Pony Figurine
    Wonderbolt Scootaloo
    Luna Plush
    Big Mac Painting