• Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #12

    Granny Smith back her prime sure was an awesome looking pony! It's nice to see such lovingly detailed work put into recreating her. Maybe we should have an event sometime asking artists to sculpt, draw, or make plushies of characters that don't usually receive such treatment?

    Anyhow, on to some excellent crafted pieces!

    [1] Source
    Young Granny Smith Sculpture

    [2] Source
    Musical Throwdown: DJ PON3 vs. Octavia

    [3] Source
    My little Pony FIM Custom Vinyl Scratch Clock

    [4] Source
    Derpy Quilt!

    [5] Source
    Vinyl Scratch custom headphones 6

    [6] Source
    Vinyl Scratch/ Dj Pon3 Converse

    [7] Source
    Octavia V.2 Custom Shoes

    [8] Source
    Sweetie Belle Sculpt

    [9] Source
    Spike and Peewee

    [10] Source
    Sitting Scootaloo 2

    [11] Source
    Tank the Tortoise Sculpt

    [12] Source
    Gothic Rarity sculpture

    [13] Source
    Pokey Pie

    [14] Source
    Derpy Hooves sculpture

    [15] Source
    MLP Gummy FIMO

    [16] Source
    MLP Scootaloo Wonderbolts FIMO

    [17] Source
    MLP Baby Applejack FIMO

    [18] Source
    MLP Lyra Heartstrings FIMO

    [19] Source
    Pinkie pie sculpt (crappy camera photo version)

    [20] Source
    Commission: Princess Celestia TAKE 3

    [21] Source
    Commission: The Great and Sleepy Trixie Shadowbox

    [22] Source
    Commission: Derpy Crash Shadowbox

    [23] Source
    Derpy in Walnut: Dizzy Doo

    [24] Source
    Princess Woona sculpture commission

    [25] Source
    Twilight Sparkle Bottle Baby

    [26] Source
    Spitfire is serious business

    [27] Source

    [28] Source
    Rarity Arcade Stick - Fabulous Tier

    [29] Source
    Commission: Discord Lamp (Glazed)

    [30] Source
    @ the gala

    [31] Source
    Discord Statue


    [32] Source
    Light Up Vinyl Scratch

    [33] Source - Mordecai
    Lego Pony

    [34] Source - ShindigApparel
    Cutie PJ Pants