• Ponies in the News - Wired, LA Weekly, and German Newspaper

    Ponies are once again invading various news sites around the internet.   Some dealing with conventions, others with general brony madness. 

    First off, Wired has published an article on the Brony Thank You Fund ad.   As is the norm for the site, its well informed and overall positive   Head on over here to read it!

    LA Weekly has also tossed a bit of information up about Equestria L.A.  I can't tell if the image they used is of someone cosplaying an OC pony, or Lauren Faust's pony.  I'll let you decide, find it here!

    And finally, German news site RP Online has published an article covering the community overall.  Head on here if you can read German, or here if you need a translation (Courtesy of Rudiger)