• Nightly Roundup #490

    Roundup time, including some BERRY PUNCH.  Why is she the best pony?  I haven't a clue.  Sneak the punch and don't give a buck.

    Now go have some news, and punch. 

    Berry Punch!

    Celestia Radio Kiki Fundraiser Continues! 

    Copy Paste!:

    We've raised over $1,300 so far from over 50 individuals and we continue to gain more as we enter our third day! We spoke with Kiki's father Ami, and her sister Mimi today, recordings of their phone calls will be posted to our youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/celestiaradio?feature=results_main ASAP.

    Check out the most recent upload of DJ Shamrock reading the heart-wrenching My Little Dashie from last night's show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7yAEI6GtPg&feature=plcp

    7 different DJs tomorrow and random election coverage as we kick off our 3rd whole day of fundraising! Head over to ponify.me to listen and donate!

    Cushion Case Contest

    Want a pony cushion case?! Have a contest! All info here.


    The Brony Show, Episode 73 -- Ponies: The Anthology contributors

    Hey, everypony! Once more we foray into another Monday, and this one is set up to be tons of fun. First things first, we’ll get a headstart an hour before the show (about 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST) where Anchors will be doing his fanfic reading. We’ve got the best the community has to offer in his selection, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

    Our interview tonight will be with Dr Dinosaur and (hopefully) JHaller, contributors to the Ponies: the Anthology videos! Our interviewer will ask his questions, then turn theml loose to the audience so they can ask their own!

    Post-interview, we’ll be watching some awesome PMV’s and music videos and incredible animations. Be sure also to stick around for CrimsontheWolf’s Oatmeal Galore Afterparty, where we will continue our crazy party long into the night with random hijinks and a Let’s Play.

    Check it out at www.thebronyshow.net or www.livestream.com/thebronyshow
    It all starts at 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST Can't wait to see you there!

    Brony Tales - Legend of Twilight Sparkle

    Find it here!


    Successful Meetups

    Weimar Meetup

    Yasicon Meetup

    We celebrated from 29. to the 30. September the Birtday of Yasi, a well known Ponyplushmaker from Germany. 6 weeks after Galacon ended we decided to recreate those great Moments in Honor of her with the Yasicon. Nearly the same looking Visitorpasses were made .. even the big Galacon Poster was copied. http://www.fkk-clan.de/downloads/IMG_1773.jpg. Around 50 invited Guests showed up and partied hard until the next Morning.

    NZ Meetup

    On Saturday the 21st October Bronies New Zealand held their 2nd annual Armageddon meet in Auckland. Unlike last year when pony was still new on our shores, we had a definite presence at some of the stalls - MLP posters on offer at the Madman stand and a large number of pony cosplays being the most notable.

    The group meet started at about 1pm with everyone meeting up and putting names to faces, which soon after progressed to singalongs and general hilarity. A couple of brave souls attempted Gangam style, much to the joy of some of the attendees before a short performance by one of our musical members wrapped up the meet.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Equestria Forever Forum/Radio

    Equestria Forever is a "by Bronies, for Bronies" community where worthwhile discussion and genuine friendship are encouraged. We have a strong user base and are growing daily. Our many kind members come together to create a worthwhile support system for those fallen on hard times. We run our own 24/7 Minecraft server that is constantly expanding. We even have our own marketplace where goods and services can be exchanged (looking for/to commission? This is a great place for it).

    EqF is rather unique in that it has something few other forums do: its own radio show. Radio is Magic airs 16 different shows weekly and continues to grow. We have interviewed figureheads of the Brony community such as Mic the Microphone and show writer M.A. Larson. The ultimate goal of Radio is Magic is to one day be a 24/7 Brony radio station run by dozens of members of the community. There are plenty of opportunities for members of this great community to get involved and give back. We have a lot to offer at EqF and would love to see more of the community benefit from the hard work of our staff and members alike. Drop by the forums, make an account, have a look around, and be sure to tune in to Raido is Magic every Monday through Friday from 6-8pm CST!



    Norway Meetup

    On the date of the season 3 premiere, November the 10th, there will be a meetup in Oslo, Norway for Bronies all over Norway. 
    The Meetup will be in the pizza restaurant, "Peppes Pizza" at Skøyen, where we get our own VIP room where we can watch the first episode on live stream.
    For more information look up the Facebook event "Brony Meetup Oslo 10 November" or the group "Bronies of Norway" 
    The time of the meetup would be around 4 to 7 pm
    The Address is: Karenslyst allé 18, 0278 Oslo, Norway.

    TTU Kickoff Party

    The Second Annualesque My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Premier Kickoff Party is being held at Tennessee Tech. :D

    Attached is a flier loaded with germane information, but here's a quick textual infoblock:

    When: Friday, November 9 at 7:00PM
    Where: Bruner Hall Auditorium (Room 119)
    Who: Anyone and everyone!
    Bring: A food to share!
    Wear: A costume, or swag, or normal stuff. (But please, wear something.)

    We hope to see you there! ^^

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Figures
    Scratch Plushie
    Trixie Plush

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