• Random Merch: Advent Calendars, Cake Wraps, and More!

    I have a confession to make... I love that Twilight Sparkle vector.  She looks so happy.

    This new advent calendar was found at a supermarket chain called "Lidi" in Germany by SleepToFade.  

    Head on down past the break for more random merch!

    Pinkie Pie Coloring Book

    More coloring books for the coloring masses! thanks to BigDream64 for the image!  Sadly no specific location was listed, but it looks like one you will probably be able to find everywhere. 

    Cake Wraps

    I've honestly never seen "Cake Wraps" before, but the included example image looks delicious.  These were found in Austrli at a store called a "Sweet Box".  Thanks to Hugh for the image! 

    Loteria Board

    Another one that escapes me.  This was sent by Altk2w from a mexican store called Prichos. 

    Princess Celestia Outfit

    Gotta get some merch out there for the primary demographic right?  This was found at Walmart.  Thanks to Tiffdawg for the image.

    And that about covers it for random merch! Send us your crazyness!

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