• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 18

    You know how I'm always saying I'll take a pony any way you can draw it? Well, here's a Twilight Sparkle on a barometer! How's that for pressure, huh? I'll tell you how: awesome. And although I detect a rather sad overall lack of bikini-clad ponies in this gallery, I'd say any night you can bring 376 ponies together on a Saturday night is pretty hot. Heh... you see what I did there? Because it's... yeah. Well, uh... right then, moving along. With tonight's gallery included, our grand total has reached 11518 images! I'm kind of wondering if I shouldn't call the good people at Guinness at the end of this and find out if we qualify for a world record. Because honestly, it's starting to feel like one to me. What do you guys think?

    Whether we're going for a record or not, you'll want to submit for Day 18 by clicking that link. And remember that there's still one more day left on our first make-up gallery! If you've got any themes you missed or you'd like to take a second crack at one of our past themes, that's the place to do it. Go for the gold!

    And speaking of gold, how about that women's gymnastics team? What, you think I'm dated and bad at segues? Think again! Yes, the Olympics have passed us by, but thankfully they're only tangentially related to tonight's theme. Flips and tumbles and twirls and death defying feats! Draw a pony acrobat/Draw a stable pony! It's a bit of a silly one tonight, so have fun with it. As an aside, keep in mind that entries which are directly contrary to the theme of the night still count! Remember, if you can't come up with a good idea, don't fret. Just stick it to me, instead! I can take it.

    Our gallery tonight is a bit of a sauna, so don't forget your towel! How embarrassing would that be? I mean really. Lately it seems I've been doing a good job of herding you guys away from Pinkie-themed imagery and onto Twilight, because she's everywhere. Mission Accomplished! Who should we shoot for next? Could we stand to be a little more Flutteriffic? Do I have it in me to craft a theme for Lyra, or would my heart just burst? These are the questions that keep me up at night, ladies and gentlemen. (Brief aside: I can't help but notice most of you had the same idea of pressure: thinking of pictures for this event. Don't beat yourself up trying to rock the house down - a simple idea can be just as awesome! Hang in there, everybody. We're almost 2/3 of the way home!)

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