• Morning Everfree Update

    I'm using this image again, because why not?

    Good morning, EQD! If you've been remotely following my twitter feed you'll know that the convention is going very smoothly and we're all having a metric ton of fun. The new phrases you should be aware of that have come out of the last two days include 'metric units of wub' and 'look, a moose!'. I'll of course have a full retrospective writeup once all the festivities have died down. One day to go!

    In the meantime, have two updates from the con, after the break!

    EFNW 2012 - The Guys of MLP
    Official press release for the charity auction

    Fillies and Gentlecolts, it's Going Once again, your auctioneer for the utterly mindblowing Charity Auction at Everfree NW. Selling such wonderful objects as a fifteen bit bill for considerably more than fifteen bits, a Pinkie Pie espresso machine, with her cutie mark on one side, her on the other, and Andrea Libman's signature, (as well as a shot off of that machine, for thirty dollars!), and what has to be by now the most famous Derpy on the planet, we managed to raise the astonishing sum of thirteen thousand five hundred thirty four dollars for the Seattle Children's Hospital Greatest Needs Fund.

    Yes, fillies and gentlecolts, you read that number correctly. $13,534.

    I have so many people I need to thank. My incredible staff, the incomparable Peter New and Lee Tockar, the wonderful Cutie Mark Crusaders, Michelle Creber and Claire Corlett, and especially those amazing bronies who bid and bought the avalanche of amazing things!

    Most of all, however, my utmost thanks to the gentlecolt in the Cutie Mark Crusader rock star outfit who attempted to sell his costume and then did sell the Derpy that Tabitha St. Germaine derped her own name on. Thank you. And to the gentlecolt who bought it (for $660!) only to return it to the very brony who put it up in the first place, I'd like to say that that was the ultimate expression of friendship as magic, and anypony who had the pleasure of seeing it now has a memory to last forever. Thank you SO MUCH.

    Thank you, everyone, for the best experience of my life.


    Going Once