• Nightly Roundup #412

    Time for some Fluttershy because you can never have enough Fluttershy can you? This scene certainly reminds me of back home when we would have rabbits visit our yard looking for bird seed that dropped into the snow.

    Another short Roundup tonight. Everyone must be partying too hard at Everfree!

    Ponies Digitized, Trapped in the Land of Linux

    Ponies have invaded Linux and want you to tell them what to say! That's right, a program has popped up that allows you to request an ASCII-art pony with a customized speech bubble. If you are interested in the project behind the program, check out the website here.

    Ponies Continue Invading Europe - Season 2 Deployed in France!

    It looks like season two has finally made it's way to French airwaves meaning that more ponies speaking fancy are coming our way! To check out the first episode in French, go here. Not only have pony episodes been deployed but ponies have been making their way into other shows on French TV as well as demonstrated by the clip below.

    Birthday Artwork for Swedish Spitfire

    Anneli Heed, the Swedish voice for Spitfire, is having her birthday this coming Monday! If any artists are interested it would be awesome if some artwork could be created to mark the occasion. Artwork of either Spitfire or her own OC would be much appreciated! As a bonus she promises to bake a Swedish apple pie on Monday to mark the occasion.

    If you're not an artist, say happy birthday to her at least on her Twitter: @AnneliHeed

    MLP to be Broadcast on Canal Cinco in Mexico

    Looks like the MLP spread continues as it makes its way to another channel on Mexican TV. Starting on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am, MLP will air on Canal Cinco where it had only been available before on the Discovery Kids Channel. Check out the schedule below!

    Canal Cinco Schedule
    Original Post on EquestriaNet.org

    Successful Meetups

    Tumblr Pony BronyCon Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    This is the picture of most of the tumblr mods that gathered at the end of bronycon june 2012

    Listed here are all that I can properly identify in the picture:
     / http://chrysalis-replies.tumblr.com/ (next to summermelodyreplies same height)
    (surrounding askduskedge)
    http://askrockin-roolo.tumblr.com/ (kneeling on the ground in the plaid shirt)
     Founder of http://equestrialife.ning.com/(front row with the red hair and hat)
    http://carrotcake-replies.tumblr.com/ (back row, black/white plaid shirt)
    (back row with the red wig)
    http://medikslounge.tumblr.com/ (unsure)
    Cedar Rapids Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    We had our second successful meetup today, with 9 of us showing up at the local Coffeesmiths for a little over 3 hours, playing a game of FiM Jeopardy, and then heading over and raiding the local Toys-R-Us store for ponies.  Fun times were had by all, and we're always looking for more bronies!



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    The Vault now contains 50 of the best pony fanfics out there, with an interview from the author of each one. A new story is added every week, so come check it out!
    Green Bay Bronies vs Kansas City Chiefs
    What: Tailgating! Brats! Cheese! Packers! Ponies!?

    Description: We will be meeting in the K-Mart parking lot. If for some reason it is full. We'll be over at the funeral home parking lot across the street. Bring a dish to pass. There will be a grill along. Bring some money along for parking. We recommend you carpool so you don’t have to park close to the stadium.
    Time: Arrive at 5:00. Game starts at 6:00


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Baby Pony Ornaments
    Pipsqueak Plushie

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