• Custom Compilation #81

    I don't think we've ever had a custom compilation dedicated to a piece of scenery before, but man this one sure does deserve to be the first! How did you guys ever get so crazy talented?

    While I go pick my jaw off the floor, have some other customs that might blow your mind.

    Source 1
    Zecora's Hut

    Source 2
    Element of Magic 2

    Source 3
    MLP: FiM Custom Sculpt Pinkie Pie

    Source 4
    MLP: FiM Custom Sculpt Pinkamena: Crazy Pinkie

    Source 5
    Rarity Fink Model

    Source 6
    Rainbow Dash tile

    Source 7
    Braeburn MLP Shoes

    Source 8
    MLPFIM Custom Woona Moonstruck + Star Trek TNG

    Source 9
    MLPFIM Customs Star Trek TNG, Woona, Hoity Toity

    Source 10
    My Little Pony FIM Princess Luna Custom Pony

    Source 11
    My little Pony FIM Maid Twilight Sparkle Blind Bag

    Source 12
    My little Pony FIM Filly Twilight Sparkle Custom

    Source 13
    My Little Pony FIM Young Cadance Custom Pony

    Source 14
    My little Pony FIM DJ Pon- 3 Vinyl Scratch Sneaker

    Source 15
    Spitfire G4 Custom with Hood Down

    Source 16
    Blind Bag Wedding Cake Toppers - BigMac and RD

    Source 17
    Time to make DE MAGIKS!

    Source 18
    Custom Derpy

    Source 19
    Spa Twin Brushables - Aloe and Lotus

    Source 20
    Derpy Hooves Custom

    Source 21
    The Changeling Swarm

    Source 22
    The Doctor and Rose

    Source 23
    Custom Derpy!

    Source 24
    Chainmail Embroidery Celestia's Cutie Mark-InColor

    Source 25
    Vinyl Scratch DJ PON-3 Custom G4 Pony

    Source 26
    Octavia Custom G4 Pony

    Source 27
    Derpy Custom

    Source 28

    Source 29 - Mile Thunderstorm
    Lotus Custom Model

    Source 30
    Rainbow Dash Red Scout


    Source 31
    Pinkie Pie Shoes

    Source 32
    Derpy Hooves Blindbag

    Source 33
    Apple Bloom Blindbag


    Source 34
    Scootaloo Blindbag

    Source 35
    Applejack Stained Glass

    Source 36 - Jordan
    Stained Glass Fluttershy


    Source 37 - Larsa
    Gala Rainbow Dash


    Source 38 (Other Aprons Available At Source)
    Twilight Sparkle Apron

    Source 39 (Other Filly Customs Available at Source)
    Filly Rarity Custom