• Bronies for Good Presents: Redheart's Roundup, Volume II!

    Last year, a fledgling group calling themselves Bronies for Good attempted to start a movement based on the idea that bronies were awesome, and if you pointed them in positive directions they would do awesome things. It was a counterpoint amidst waves of concern about the image the fandom projected to the general public, and while the group hadn't yet evolved a full organizational structure, they were still able to encourage and confirm the donation of 17 liters of blood.

    Since then, Bronies for Good has grown into a charitable behemoth. Projects like Seeds of Kindness are literally changing the world: proof of the limitless enthusiasm that a group of devoted and caring people are capable of. So being bigger and better than ever before, Bronies for Good is rolling back the clock and introducing a redux of their blood drive. Nurse Redheart is calling, will you answer?

    The donation goal this year is a full 100 liters of blood, which is enough to make a significant impact on the lives and survival of many people who desperately need replacement blood transfusions. The need for blood is a constant thing, and so long as its healthy for you to do so, there is no such thing as too much blood given. I'd like to briefly emphasize that point: before you head down and join this drive, make sure you talk to your physician or consult a Red Cross guide to make sure you qualify and can safely donate blood. The last time I tried, my blood pressure bottomed out and my heart briefly stopped. It's no laughing matter - don't push yourselves. Please be safe.

    Once you've done that, you're ready to donate, and BfG is happy to accommodate you! This year they've organized a raffle to help incentivise more donations and help make the event fun. Once you've confirmed your donation you'll be entered for a chance to win cool prizes like BfG memorabilia, art commissions, blind bag ponies, or other awesome stuff. Pretty cool deal, right? I mean, that doesn't even count the cookie they give you for donating in the first place! If you're interested, details for Redheart's Roundup, check out Bronies for Good's page for it here. Have fun, and happy donating!

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