• Story Updates February 17th (Evening)

    I read your crazy Shipping and Handling chapter, and I greatly approve!  Trixie deserves her redemption! The poor pony was just confused is all... 

    Have some updates!

    Story: Hot Chocolate (Update Part 2!)

    [Shipping] [Sad] (Ignore the Star rating above, use the tag) 

    Author: Kommunist Kensei
    Description: Rainbow Dash is the bravest, most fearless pony in all of Equestria. But when she is visited by nightmares for the first time in many years, can Dash swallow her pride and seek comfort from a small pink pony and some delicious hot beverages? And is this the ideal opportunity to reveal feelings she has kept repressed for so long?
    Hot Chocolate

    Story: The Eversleep (Update Story 2 Part 12+13!)

    [Grimdark][Sad][Normal] I don't see how something can be all three of those tags, but, alright.

    Description: When the world turns upside down for the Kingdom of Equestria, is
    it impossible for it to recover? When final words are spoken, all of
    Equestria will be forced to take sides. A select few must shoulder the
    burden of restoring balance to the kingdom, doing whatever it takes to
    bring back the peace, risking the sacrifice of all they hold dear.
    The Eversleep


    Story: Solar Flare (Update Story 3 Part 7!)


    Author: Dragryphon
    Description: The War of the Night, an event so hushed up that only small legends left behind tell of the time it occurred. A discovered tome, however, reveals the history of the war, of the ruling sisters, and some things best left forgotten. Some things the two ruling sisters would prefer to remain hidden...
    Solar Flare