• Discussion: Pony Rock Band

    Here's something fun for you guys to discuss- personally I'm rather interested in what you all think, because I've been mulling over this one for a bit.

    Let's say the mane six (plus whatever background ponies you wish to involve) were to form a rock band. Not an electronic or a jazz band, but a straight-up electric guitar and bass rock band. Which instrument do you think each pony would be suited to play?

    Keep in mind that most rock bands include the basic, core instruments: the electric guitar, electric bass, and drums. There are, however, notable additions that some bands make, such as additional (rhythm) guitars, keyboards, and more exotic instruments such as synthesizers. Some add acoustic instruments such as classical basses and acoustic guitars.

    With that in mind, let's hear it! Make your perfect pony rock band.

    Personally, I'm fond of Maretallica:
    Dash on rhythm guitar and vocals, Twilight on lead guitar, Applejack on bass, and Rarity on drums.