• Mare-Athons and Streams Tonight!

    Sorry about the lateness on these.  I ended up away from the site for a while.  Have some Mare-athons!

    Bronystate (Info above)

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    It's that time again!  This Friday and Saturday, join Bronystate in another Brony Movie Night.  Catch some films and pony episodes while chatting with your fellow Bronies.  As always, we will be streaming the new pony episode live on Saturday at 10:00 AM EST.  Hope to see you there!

    Brony TV

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    Back to normal streaming this week! well almost normal. we will be adding Rainbow dash Presents to the lineup! also, because of time restraints, and the fact that our streamers need /sleep/, we do cut back on a few episodes. don't be alarmed if your favorite episode is skipped, it will be back the next week. so the line up: half of season 1, Rainbow dash presents: bubbles, rest of season 1, friendship is witchcraft, season 2, and a live stream of the new episode, closing with a restream of wednesday night's movie. all this starting at 6:00 PM EST (http://derpy.me/ESTtimeNow)
    Also, this will be the last week we use bronytv.co.cc! next week we will be switching to bronytv.net!