• Announcement: Huge Livestream Event Saturday

    Announcement! Huge Livestream Ev- wait, I said that.

    The Equestria Daily staff will be attending a large Livestream event graciously hosted by Mic The Microphone. There's gonna be live questionnaires from the actual Livestream chat for some top-name musicians, artists, and podcasters from around the fandom (the EQD staff, including myself, will have a separate live Q&Neigh session next week). After that, there will be a brutal Left 4 Dead tournament for all involved. Those with Steam accounts get to play the eliminated teams!

    Come on down and root for your favorite community member- chances are they'll be there!

    This all goes down: 
    Saturday, February 18th at 3PM PST // 4PM BLOG TIME

    We'll link you to the actual room on Saturday. Hope to see you there!