• YouTube Copyright and You!

    With the recent Youtube takedowns, the music community over on My Little Remix has compiled a quick copyright how-to guide on plowing through their claim process.  For those of you who aren't like me with their contact info a Google search away for the last year (Anonymous doesn't work when you run a giant pony blog that makes media people drool at the potential hilarious editorial for "insert magazine/newspaper here".), this will give you information on avoiding using it! 

    This is for the fake reports though.  Hasbro is actually taking the full episode streams down, so it doesn't really work for you guys!

    And as with most Youtube guides, do your personal research before blindly following it.

    Check it out after the break!


    1. This is by far the most helpful thing in the whole Youtube takedown vids that ive seen

    2. I've seen too many ways to bypass them be used. O_o

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    4. Proof that Hasbro is taking the streams down, outside of trolls using the name or it didn't happen.

    5. Wait, hang on.

      Hasbro IS removing the full episodes on Youtube then?
      And we're sure it's Hasbro this time?

      And if so, why haven't we had a big post about it earlier?

      Guess I better be careful not to miss any episodes on the Hub if that's how it's going down.

    6. Hasbro themselves? I demand proof.

    7. Full episode streams coming down? Does this mean us outside of the US will be unable to see the new eps? or am i freaking out here.

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    9. Crap, how am i supposed to show my little brother new MLP episodes now? His english isn´t great, he needs the episodes with subs on youtube to fully understand what´s going on. >_<
      And he liked it so much... ;A;

    10. Hasbro is taking down the full episodes now?

      If true, then not only will people in other countries be able to see new episodes, but those of us without television services too. :O

    11. So now we have Trolls AND Hasbro taking ponies down? I think i'll get out my downloader and get all the episodes I possibly can today...

    12. Perhaps they plan on launching their own youtube channel and place the episodes there? That sounds like a feasible option.

    13. Is Hasbro really taking them down? Only ones I heard that was from Hasbro was for Pony Archive... And even then, I think it was more of an Apple thing.

    14. "Hasbro is actually taking the full episode streams down"

      I really hope thats not true, because they were supposed to be the company that loved their community. A LOT of bronies are being made bronies from youtube. Not a smart move on their side.

    15. Funny how most of the comments aren't about the video...oh well, anyway nice and informative.

    16. Wait Hasbro are taking the episodes off youtube? Since when?

    17. This is why whenever someone posts a full episode stream to YouTube, I use download helper for Firefox to get the eps

    18. I thought Hasbro was okay with MLP on Youtube. They get more customers that way...

    19. I couldn't possibly think of a dumber course of action on Hasbro's part than taking the Youtube videos down.

      As if there's a single person in the world who would buy episodes of a My Little Pony cartoon without having seen it first, other than for little girls (in which case they wouldn't take the videos off Youtube).

    20. The streams are going down? shit! those were the only way I got to see new episodes...

    21. here is little proof that episodes are taken down by Hasbro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq9k9uEpEm8

    22. It's true, no more widespread me. 'Tis a shame, I was hoping you'd all get to see me in another episode. There will be one for me right? I'm not joking I WANT BACK ON TV IF I'M NOT BEING BROADCAST EVERYWHERE! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! FIRST THE MOON, NOW NO SCREEN-TIME!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. @thatwyomingpony

      That would either be really good or really bad. Regardless, without the HUB here in Canada, I'll be hard pressed to find the new episodes if they just block all the YouTube uploads. I thought Hasbro loved us!

      As for the video itself; very informative. When I actually use my YouTube account to upload things, it'll come in great use.

    24. Well, perhaps if we ask Hasbro nicely, we can get them to set up their own channel on youtube. Then, EVERYONE'S happy.

    25. *facehoof* Way to go Hasbro, stop the one thing that created the fanbase in the first place.

      Also, couldn't people just reupload the episodes?

    26. Thanks for the video, will help out a lot of people :)

    27. If Hasbro starts taking down Youtube streams then I'll be very disappointed. In the UK they're aired on channel only available on satellite or cable; services which only 50% of the country are currently signed up to and some of us can't get.

    28. They still can't cope with the huge volume of uploaders

    29. @Gummy

      I've been writing down everything that this video has been saying with pencil on a piece of paper. I need to know this stuff

    30. Well if your looking to watch full episodes on Youtube, I usually use this channel:
      His original channel got taken down by troll's but thanks to his uploads I started watching the program and got into this fandom ^^

    31. @Ceorlic

      Now to mention that it's only ever on at like 7am. Only schoolkids are awake at that hour. You'd think that was their target demographic or something :(

    32. sooo...

      how the hell am i supposed to see MLP now? i don't live in the US and i simply refuse to use iTunes, i hate apple...


    33. This almost makes me wonder how long it'll be before they go after Nico Nico Douga, if at all. Granted, the ones on there are only getting ~1000 views or so.

    34. We could collectively come together and propose a work around. If we can get everybody to unite and scribe a letter, (a NICE letter) they might listen to us and compromise.

      Everybody could sign their own piece of paper and send it to their headquarters like a petition (but not those crappy online ones)

    35. Crap...


      Seriously, though, I really might have to do it now if the channels are being taken down. Please no, please please please please PLEASE PLEASE!

    36. Can we get a internet petition to get Hasbro to upload these videos to their own channel?

      The big issue I see everywhere is the international brony issue. Even a simple video I got posted on EqD got hits from 73 countries...

    37. Hasbro is going to kill 70% of the fandom!

    38. @MouseNBrowse

      Nowhere have I ever seen an internet petition actually gain ground - at least not enough ground to make a difference in the situation we would need it in.

    39. @thatwyomingpony

      I agree. Let's do something handwritten. That would be more fun anyway :)


    41. That means... Awwww I only watch the episodes on youtube because my tv doestn get that channel. :(

    42. @MouseNBrowse
      I was thinking if everybody (collectively) wrote a letter, then said letter was made available online, each person prints it off and signs it personally, then sends it in.

      With EqD reaching 100,000,000 page views, getting a lot of people to send a hand-signed personalized letter would be fairly easy

    43. It doesn't surprise me that Hasbro is finally taking episodes down. With the first DVD release just around the corner, I can see them feeling more than a little nervous about having every episode easily piratable off of YouTube.

      The fact is, Hasbro is out to make money. They took down Transformers and GI Joe videos because they already had a large, viable market for DVD releases. Until G4, MLP didn't have that same luxury. But now that there's a large online fanbase, the situation's changed. This first disc we're getting may not be all we're hoping for, but it's just the company testing uncharted waters. That means, sadly, that the free episodes we've loved for so long are going away.

      As for people saying they're destroying the community, no they aren't. As far as I can tell, the REAL Hasbro isn't going after PMVs, mashups, or fan videos. THOSE are the backbone of the community, not the episodes. By allowing those, Hasbro has shown they are far more supportive of the online community than Fox, Viacom, Disney, Warner Bros., or just about any other studio out there, who will flag you for anything remotely related to their IP.

      We can try and put pressure on Hasbro to put more episodes up on their site; that way, they get the ad revenue while we get to watch ponies. You can still find just about every episode on YouTube, if that is your only option at this moment. And once the first DVD comes out, we need to buy like mad. If we can prove we're a viable market, then we might be able to get those season-long box sets we're so itching for, making most of this issue moot.


      Oh, and this video is very nice.

    44. @MouseNBrowse THAT...is also acceptable, excuse the previous canterlock, but names and/or usernames still need to be on it.

    45. iTunes, guys. iTunes. Suck it up and buy their episodes. Hasbro has the right to protect their intellectual property.

      iTunes episodes are available world wide, correct?

      Oh, no revolution huh.
      ....One day we will rise up against YouTube and kick their asses in the direction of Seth's wood chipper.

    47. @abcd This video should get an official post. I felt my heart sink as I watched it, but it is important.

    48. In b4 storm about Hasbro taking down...


      In all seriousness though, does this mean that we will be seeing an end to EqD links to YouTube postings of new episodes on the day that they are broadcast? Also ,if that is the case, perhaps you could fill in the uninformed (such as myself) on if/when Hasbro puts up the episodes on its own website? I know they did that for season 1 episodes for a short while after they aired on the Hub, but I am ignorant if they are still doing that or not.

      Thanks in advance to anypony who can provide answers to my questions.

    49. @Rasrap Smurf
      Then our real petition needs to be about making those iTunes episodes available worldwide.

    50. @thatwyomingpony I was just thinking this exact thing. Internet petitions and emails are worthless. If Hasbro starts receiving thousands of pieces of physical mail though they might take notice. Just remember to keep it simple. Don't ask them for too much. Allowing the episodes on Youtube is enough.

    51. It would be nice is Hasbro uploaded episodes themselves on youtube.

    52. Heh, I'll go into a shop and ask for the MLP FIM DVD in ENGLISH! Let's see if they have it.

      They won't.

      And the fandom is based on the episodes. The PMV's and such are just products by the community. The pure base is still the show.

      And without base we will fall...

    53. I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe that Hasbro has suddenly changed their mind and started taking down episodes.

      They've never had any problems with it in the past and the only 'evidence' I've seen so far is clearly fake. Maybe I'll look into it more.

    54. @Makkon

      I believe there already have been petitions for that. I don't think they got anywhere.

    55. How many channels have been taken down though? From the looks of it, pretty much every episode is still there (in HD, no less). And from the sounds of it, a lot of channel owners just hop to another username and re-upload if copyright blocked. I reckon Hasbro might be fighting a losing battle if they try and take the actual episodes off of Youtube.

    56. @Lyra Lyra Pants on Fyra I see no reason to believe the video posted earlier is fake, and with the DVDs coming out soon it makes it all the more probable.

    57. @archiveit
      In that case, if we were to do a physical petition, how would we organize ourselves?

    58. @Cgeta It has been proven on smaller scale physically that even if the base is destroyed, the structure can stand with enough combined supports, as anypony should be able to figure out, if you get what that means figuratively.

    59. Please! Fillies and Gentlecolts! Do you forget that this is the internet? If I wanted to, I could go download several terrabytes of movies without paying! Do you HONESTLY think that the taking down of the Youtube episodes will stop the uploading of MLP? I mean, there are still hundreds of Pokémon episode streams out there, and that's dubbed by 4KIDS. I mean, seriously, if we want ponies, we WILL find a way!

    60. That means... Awwww I only watch the episodes on youtube because my tv doestn get that channel. :(

    61. That means... Awwww I only watch the episodes on youtube because my tv doestn get that channel. :(

    62. @pg13fresno They've taken down the legendary MLP AMV Epic, with the 7 artist mashup. It's more than possible that they crack down on PMVs, too.

      There's a real difference between reading gut reactions to certain scenes on YT, and reading comments on EQD that are often more thoughtful but inflammatory. The former has more of a feel of community, to me. I wish Hasbro would just upload the videos themselves; they'd even get a decent amount of YT ad revenue.

    63. @thatwyomingpony Not a petition. Letters. We send them letters. Thousands of letters from thousands of bronies. We will flood their mailbox and make them pay attention.

    64. As far as I am concerned, if they take the episodes out of youtube in the lazy way they are doing it, so there's always a version of every episode on it, i see no problem at all.

      What most of you have to realize, though, is that there is a very real posibility that Hasbro might have problems finding a willing dvd company to sell the season bundles we want withouth taking this kind of actions first. So the question is: If you had to choose, what would you choose, youtube or dvd? (even knowing that dvd means first taking out youtube streams and then making the discs)

      Also, another question, just out of curiosity... if you had to choose also between youtube and a 3rd season, what would it be?

    65. @archiveit

      You mean the video by reuploadingismagic? (Because when I said 'the only evidence' that's what I was talking about)

      Sorry, but I think it's fake. Not the video, but the youtube channel in question.

      A few things cause me to believe that. For starters, overusing TM and (R) is not something a legitimate company would do. But I could be wrong. However, the fact they said the earlier attacks by HABSRO was, in fact, them, and it was just a typo makes it clearly just a troll stepping up his game and using the actual company's name. If it's not a troll, why would an actual organisation wait literally months to fix their obvious typo?

      Until I see something posted FROM HASBRO ITSELF (not just the youtube channel), I shan't believe they are taking down the episodes.

    66. @archiveit


      Quickly, let's all start sending Hasbro letters! Spam those suckers!

    67. @archiveit

      And make them pay for the waste disposal. :P

    68. @archiveit Very well, if passive resistance is needed than so be it.

    69. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq9k9uEpEm8

      Can ya' all just watch their fancy episodes on HubWorld guys?

    70. @archiveit
      Understood, but we still need organization and clear implementation. Otherwise it would be annoying and harm the community, rather than help it.

    71. @Makkon
      They are only available for purchase in the US Store. If you can buy from a store different than your country (I would presume you can, but haven't tried), then yes.

      But still. There's always that certain bay... where you download these things called, torrents was it? Yeah... >_>
      Because I sincerely doubt, they will be releasing DVDs fast (of all the eps) and across the world.

    72. @Apple Bloom

      Refer a few posts up to what I said...

      Also, the video itself seems somewhat questionable to me. One reason mainly, he says he recieved the letter on the 21st, yet the video was uploaded on the 20th. I think this is just a troll trying to scare everyone.

      But I may be wrong.

    73. @thatwyomingpony Yes it could have the adverse effect of ceasing a season 3, returning to their old ways and having our little ponies lost to time forever, though that is worst case scenario.

    74. @Lyra Lyra Pants on Fyra I see no reason to believe that channel is fake. Why would someone who has been uploading the videos and posting other MLP related videos, someone who is clearly a dedicated brony, want to pull a prank like that? It makes no sense, unless it is one of the most dedicated attempts at trolling ever.

    75. @pg13fresno

      There's that point and then the legal issue of "giving an inch and taking a mile". If they officially authorize free distribution of their IP, they are SOL if they ever try to reverse the decision. Same reason why athletics teams are zealously protective of their copyrighted symbols. For example, some little league football team copies the insignia of an NFL team without permission. If the major NFL team says it's ok after the fact, what happens when some collegiate football team does the same thing, or someone produces bootleg merchandise, etc... They legally shoot themselves in the foot.

      Hasbro plays the fine line of choosing not to flex their legal muscle. They "enjoy" the fan community, but they cannot "endorse" the fan community without sacrificing much control of their IP.

      Rather tragic flaw in the system if you ask me. I wouldn't be a brony if it weren't for YouTube streams. But, I'd be one of the first in line to buy a physical box set, so I could play them on my new tv in HD. sigh....

    76. @archiveit

      I meant I believe the 'HASBRO' channel is a fake.

      And who says it's not a dedicated attempt to troll?

      Have you actually seen any FiM videos on his channel? (I don't watch streams off youtube, but maybe someone else can tell me if he's ever actually uploaded any of the episodes)

    77. @thatwyomingpony Of course, and I would hope that someone who is good with letters (not me) could get something started and maybe get a post here on EqD, where the word will spread fastest in the community. I'm sure that there has to be someone around here who is good with that sort of thing.

    78. @Dorian Creed That is not really the point. The problem is that there will be less mareathon streams available and there will be less and less new bronies. The high availability of the episodes is what made the community spread.

    79. They just need to release a Season 1 DVD set already. I for one will never buy the series on iTunes since I can't stand Apple and their uber controlling ways(and dumbing down of the average technology consumer).

    80. December 21 2011 isn't even Monday!

    81. @pg13fresno

      That's not true. The episodes ARE the backbone of the fandom. That's how it grows. Nobody watches or cares about any of the other stuff without first seeing an episode.

      Most people are exposed to it first on Youtube, because the Hub is a kids channel that isn't available on 95% of the planet.

      What Hasbro is now telling me is that since I live in Canada, I don't get to watch new episodes. Since Youtube is how I got into this in the first place and got other people into it, cutting me off isn't going to boost my interest. It'll kill it.

      Corporate sort term thinking stupidity at its finest is what this is.

      Also, why did EQD just slide this news into the end of a story about something else? This is a pretty big deal, as shown by the fact that almost every single comment is about it rather then about the actual subject.

    82. Hasbro should follow what Louis C. K. did and directly sell the episodes DRM-free internationally. This solves all the problems with international bronies resorting to shady sources, and Hasbro would get international profit outside the US iTunes Store. This also encourages remixing since the files are DRM-free.

      Article on Louis C. K.: http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-57342775-264/wake-up-media-moguls-louis-c.k-no-drm-video-makes-$200k/?tag=mncol

    83. @thatwyomingpony And naturally we want to make sure it stays civil and realistic. We don't want a bunch of people making threats and demanding that they overlook sites like Ponyarchive which are specifically made for piracy.

    84. FUCKING SOPA! now Youtube is doomed, i get around the Youtube copyright stuff with Copy ight Law 107.

    85. @Makkon

      Yes, because we'll certainly get new people into the show by telling them to go buy something and watch it, especially when it's not even available everywhere.

    86. @Lyra Lyra Pants on Fyra I may have. I can't remember. He's not the guy I usually watch from, but he has over a thousand watchers, so I am willing to believe that at one time he had all the videos up.

    87. There is always at least one video per episode anyway.
      They're just dong this so the most viewed video in all of youtube isn't a pony episode, because that would be kind of embarassing.

    88. @Makkon
      Makkon. iTunes is a horrible program since it won't allow me (America's closest member) to get the episodes and it's just a broken pile of crap either way, since I have no reason to use it. No Apple hardware whatsoever on this PC.

      Also, what about my 250GB music collection? No way I'm going to rebuy that! (Only 5-10GB is official, though)

    89. @Apple Bloom
      No, all I see is hub loading logo
      @Lyra Lyra Pants on Fyra
      check this video on his channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoVeiO9Sm6A and then check his playlists

    90. @Kether

      Since they don't broadcast the second season outside the US, the only way I can watch them is on Youtube. So really, no third season or no Youtube is exactly the same.

      Most people outside the US are in the same boat.

    91. Hasbro should read what Notch once wrote:


    92. @abcd

      His playlists aren't even episodes he uploaded himself.

      I'll just reiterate I won't believe Hasbro is taking down episodes until I see an official report, FROM Hasbro (and not just the youtube channel) saying something about this.

    93. @razvan252 This is true. However, if we introduce people to the show through, say, http://watchseries.eu/ then we might be ok. The mareathon streams won't go, however, for the same reason that justin.tv still exists and can play more or less what they want: The big companies don't care. It's less "This guy is distributing our stuff!" and more "This guy is showing his stuff to his mates!" Sure, the episodes will be harder to get to, but they'll be there. We'll know, and we'll tell people. 4chan will definitely know, and they'll tell anyone and everyone who wants to know.

    94. Well, if Hasbro is actually taking down pony videos they'll lose. Badly. I still don't want to fight them, though...

      I think the smartest business move would be to open their own website with all the episodes available with ads. That way they'd get money. Or they could just sell an actual boxed set or digital downloads worldwide...

      They have every legal right to take the videos down. It won't accomplish anything except pissing off fans. The smart business move would be to give an alternative.

    95. You know, I have to admit, when I see the reaction in things like this, I start to understand why Hasbro may be getting ticked off at the fandom.

      The fact of the matter is that this is totally within their right. It's incredible that they've left the episodes up for so long anyway. But if they want to take them down, they can. And no, it won't "kill 70% of the fandom." The fandom is built as much on the PMV's, YTP's, Fanfiction, and Fanart as it is on the actual episodes.

      And so far they seem to be leaving those up.

      Furthermore, the idea that this makes ponies unavailable worldwide is pretty false too. After all, they ARE available on iTunes. I would be pretty damn surprised if iTunes isn't available worldwide (although if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me on this.)

      The only thing that I MIGHT see this doing, is restricting the growth of the fandom, as now we might not have mauch of anything to easily show new prospective fans, but this could be easily remedied by Hasbro putting the videos up on their own site or on their own Youtube channel, which will in turn make them money through ad revenue.

      This isn't that big of a deal guys. Hell, I'm not even 100% convinced that what's happening is what all y'all seem to think is happening.

      Please please please PLEASE don't freak out at Hasbro about this. They're irritated with us enough already, and complaining to them about something that is not only their right, but may actually be starting to hurt them financially will only make it worse. And if it truly isn't happening the way everyone seems convinced it is, then we might as well be throwing them an unprovoked sock to the gut.

      We want to keep good relationships with them, guys, not bite the hand that feeds us.

    96. @archiveit
      I've taken classes in technical writing, but I have no power in being able to speak on behalf of the whole community, we would need a large base of writers and editors.

      This "movement" (if it can even be called that) cannot survive without a place where we can collaborate and communicate. We need a ... Hub if you will.

    97. @Dorian Creed
      Mmmmm. Again, I'm not entirely certain Hasbro will be able to take down every last MLP episode on Youtube. It may even come down to unlisted videos, but looking at the number of search results for each episode, and the number of uploader comments along the lines of "Well, this episode got taken down by a copyright claim, so I'm making a new channel and uploading it there", this looks like a battle they won't ever really win.

      It would be great (and a smart business move) if they offered an ad-supported YouTube channel themselves, or something similar, i.e. something you don't have to directly pay for. That'll still attract new fans, and generate revenue through adverts.

    98. Well, since some or you are so on on sending letters to Hasbro, if you are really going to do it please remember these points:

      -First of all, for a number of legal reasons, they simple cannot say "it's okay for anyone to upload the episodes". Also, if they said so, the probability of they being able to make a dvd set would drop to 0.

      -Also, realize thet there is still EVERY episode on youtube. So if they're really taking them down, they are doing it in a very lazy way. Please don't do anything to encourage them to take more active measures.

      -And most important, make them feel that we love the show and, more important that all, that we are more than willing to spend money on it and they products. Make them know that we aren't just an unexpected fanbase, but a PROFITABLE fanbase.

      -Last, if it were me, I'd focus the letters in a "please make the episodes easily available outside the US" more than "I want my free tube videos now!". Remember that for US people there are already episodes in the hub website for people who want to discover the show.

      Basicly, make them realize why it's good for THEM to have the episodes available, not why you want them to be.

    99. @abcd

      I don't think I could consider that video as evidence since there are some things that seems odd to me, as another youtube user said, the maker of the video claims that he recieved the "hasbro" letter on the 21st December, and yet this video was uploaded on the 20th.

      Why he/she didn't show a screencap or anything proving that it was from an actual verifiable e-mail from Hasbro?

      It's very easy to mask an email address behind another. There's even free software to do that available online, you don't need any particular skill to do it.

      Scammers do it all the time, I have recieved several e-mails from "Blizzard Entertainment" regarding my World of Warcraft account & characters despite the fact that I DON'T EVEN PLAY OR HAVE World of Warcraft.


      You should put a verifiable piece of evidence that actually shows that Hasbro is in fact taking down MLP episodes from youtube before claiming its true.

    100. @Tridus

      I'm from outside the US too, and I haven't got any problem in watching every one of the episodes so far. And frankly, I highly doubt I'll ever will.
      I've seen dozens of TV shows that weren't available in my country and none of them were in youtube. So even if they actually took every episode out of youtube (what I highly doubt they will) there would be still ways.
      So the question is still valid, season 3, with perhaps a little more effort to watch it or youtube?

      But the most important question remains unanswered: What do you people prefer, youtube or dvds even if dvd implies shutting down youtube first?

    101. @Kether These are all great points and along the lines of what I was thinking. They could never come right out and say that Youtube videos are allowed, but what I hope is that they can see how the Youtube videos are important to the community and popularity of their show and as a result prompt them to be a bit "lazy" in taking down videos, that way they can still claim they are fighting for their property while not really affecting the status quo too much.

    102. @Melon Hunter Or, y'know, they could do this. Even better, they could do an Ad-supported Youtube channel that posted links to the new episodes, which were on some other site with more ads. Let's say they got an ARPU of $0.005. Seems small, right? How many combined views did each episodes have? 20 million? 30? That makes, what, $100,000-150,000 per episode. 37 episodes, that's well in excess of $3 million. Yeah, that seems like a good business solution to me.

    103. @Kether

      Youtube or some other "get it off the Internet free" method are essentially the same thing, one is just more convenient then the other. If they're yanking it off Youtube, they're not secretly wishing people go grab it off a torrent site instead.

      The fact remains that Season 2 doesn't exist on TV in Canada, or most other countries. They should fix that before they go after Youtube.

    104. @Dusty the Royal Janitor

      You're wrong, and you've already been corrected by other comments on this post. The episodes aren't on iTunes everywhere, they're on the US store. If you're using a different store (ie: because you're not in the US and want local stuff that also isn't in the US store) then the episodes aren't there.

      You're also wrong about the fandom. Fandoms don't get started or grow based on PMVs and fanfiction. The episodes are what people first watch, and they're what get people interested in all the other stuff. Take it away, and this thing will shrink in a hurry.

    105. I think the rambling walls of text have gone on long enough, so here is a last one for anyone who's still here to pay attention.
      Royal Orders of Business-
      -We need a petition that is assertive enough without being aggressive
      -Hasbro needs to know we care about them enough to write this and must get a long list of names
      -digital messaging might not be effective, and we also don't want to say anything brash and offensive, and when it is a click away, that would be too dangerous
      -finally, come together in a post here with the EqD crew members that care enough to help create one paper letter and have it sent in on behalf of everyone in the entire collective fanbase.

      But it is of the utmost importance it be totally polite and cool, to closely quote another.

    106. Being able to buy or view the episodes really isn't enough.And we can't even do that now..

      If they are going to be taken down from youtube that also means no more pony marathons(Online stream ones I mean) and I don't know about you people but I would probably not be watching every episode in this show every single week if not for the marathons and the people I hang out with.

      So even if itunes begann to sell them all over the world, we would still be losing all the streaming stuff.

    107. I'm sure this is after a lot of bickering, whining, and bitching back and forth as these tend to create each time they're posted. But has it actually been confirmed that Hasbro themselves have actually been the ones taking down the episodes on YouTube? Last I heard, he jury was still out on that subject. I'm still doubtful it's them. Else they would already all be down I'm sure.

      This seems to be a pretty helpful video. Pretty in-depth too.

    108. @Tridus
      The problem with international broadcast is that it doesn't depend completely of them. If a Canadian TV station doesn't want to buy the season, Hasbro cannot force them to buy it. They can't do anything about it.
      Also, since they already sold the rights for the 1st season, they can't make it freely available on the internet withouth breaking the contract.
      The problem is, when they started the series they didn't know it would become the phenomenon it is now, and they just acted in the usual way with it (sell the rights to some kids channels around the world as any other girly show). Now they have this huge community, and i'm sure that they are pretty lost on the right way to do things withouth breaking contracts nor losing money nor fans... it's not simple.


      I think they're already being lazy. I really don't see there is a problem now, but I understand some of you would want to help that it stays that way.

      As a side note, I want to say that I'm writing all this while watching "The Stare Master" in a 1080 youtube stream, so the end of everything is not upon us yet :P (Also, I just realized that Fluttershy lives at about 10 meters from the Everfree Forest... How can she even sleep there? xD)

    109. @Princess Luna

      Bumping this, Hasbro isn't going to come to us and say "So, how are you responding to this?" We need to assert ourselves and let them know that we are a little disheveled at the concept.

    110. 1) episodes are only on US itunes
      2) even if you could buy it worldwide, there are some people who just dont want give their money to Apple
      3) episodes on youtube are one thing, but for people who make subtitles to other languages is better to have one standard release for which they can sync their subtitles

      but its not that big problem, even when ponyarchive was taken down, there are other places where you can download episodes

    111. Extremely helpful video. This guy has a good head on his shoulders and isn't riding the panic wagon. Thanks for this post!!!

    112. *facepalm*

      Even if they do start taking down channels and uploads on YouTube, we as a community still have the numbers, the intelligence, and the vast amount of options to get our pony fix.

      The sheer number of people who have Pony-dedicated channels and are willing to hop to alternative accounts when necessary means that episodes will always on YouTube, the only difference now would be that there will come a time when a specific video or channel is found and removed.

      Some of us also are brave enough to risk torrenting, and torrents are near-impossible to eradicated. The torrent file can be removed, but that contents will have been duplicated everywhere by the time the torrent file is deleted. And those who download the torrent file can simply re-upload it again, starting the process all over again.

      Then there are direct download options such as MegaUpload, which is ideal for temporary download links. ITunes rips tend to show up on Megaupload shortly after they are released.

      Now, look at the broader picture:

      - The are more people uploading onto YouTube than people deleting off of YouTube.
      - There are thousands of users across several different torrent files who are seeding and willing to share torrent files. Eradicating a torrent is impossible.
      - Direct download sites such as Megaupload have doxens of users who upload there, and even with the slower free-download speed, an entire episode can be acquired within 20-30 minutes on an 8mbps broadband connection.

      Acquiring your pony fix will not be impossible. It's only going to require a little more legwork than usual, which is better for Hasbro anyway, because quite a number of people will not want to do the extra legwork (at least in theory).

      My final word of advice:
      When there is a will, there is a way; all good things in life take a little work to acquire. Decide on how you personally shall approach this situation, and follow your plan. Everypony else will do the same - even without thinking - and the fanbase shall continue on strong despite this troubling news.

    113. @Dragoon235

      ...except, it's a flaw that doesn't exist. Trademarks are not copyright.

    114. Are you sure Hasbro is taking streams down? Not some troll pretending to be Hasbro. (Or Habsro?)

    115. If I just had to buy some DVD to watch ponies, that wouldn't be a problem, but dude I live in France, and I'm not the only one who can't access the Hub, ITunes or the DVD cause its going to be Region 1 for sure.
      MLP stuff here just sucks, the french version is aired on some 3-5 years old dedicated TV channel that you have to pay for it and the voices are awful.
      If they're not killing the fanbase in the USA, they're killing it everywhere else...

    116. Them being taken down isn't the worst thing ever to happen, odds are any of the episodes can still be found and downloaded some where on the internet. The main reason why there taking most if the streams and full episodes down is probably because they want to sell the episodes on iTunes/DVDs